Saturday 23 August 2008

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After some deserved holidays from work and blog , Audiopleasures is back on the post zone .
In two weeks time , were celebrating the first year of existence , planning a super nice post with some awesome essentials records and a special Let's Dance edition , also two gests on My Indie Soul .

All the Mp3 Files are for free download during a short period of time , the main purpose of all this work is for promotion of the artist , if you find something you like , please buy their records , T-shirts , Pins , go to the concerts or just send them a warm support message.

Im very excited with opportunity to watch some of my favorites in the next couple of month , only to name a few , Ben Frost , M83 , Flying Lotus , Tindersticks , Blood Red Shoes and the supreme Drum n' Bass masters Black Sun Empire are coming back to Haarlem.

Last night was on the Patronaat , but I'm still thinking who would have the unfortunate idea of putting Apparat before Dave Clark , its incredible , two sounds completely different , and to make it even worst , Apparat sound was a complete blunder , it was like being at home listening from my television a complete disaster.

I really hope that everybody enjoys Audiopleasures suggestion and thank you for all the support , i don't need to say how happy it makes me to see so many people visiting this blog , it makes all the work really really worth it .


and now ...

Mp3 | The Bloody Beetroots - Rotten Pick
Mp3 | The Faint - The Geeks Were Right [ Does It Offend You mix ]
Mp3 | Cut Copy - Lights & Music [ Boys Noize Happy Birthday mix ]
Mp3 | Digitalism - I Want I Want [ LAZRtag mix ]
Mp3 | Bloc Party - Mercury [ Cansei de Ser Sexy mix ]
Mp3 | Tiga and Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night [ DIM mix ]
Mp3 | The Knife - Marble House [ Booka Shade Remix ]
Mp3 | Modeselektor - Silikon [ Siriusmo mix ]
Mp3 | The Rice Twins - The Signifier
Mp3 | Black Strobe - Shining Bright Star [ Phones Industrial Version radio edit ]

Download full Let's Dance.Rar

" Down & Out in Paris & London " - Kitsune - 2008
Electro / Indie

To celebrate the release of Autokratz new mini-album Down & Out in Paris & London, RA & Parisian label Kitsuné have teamed up to give you free downloads of singles from the release, the chance to win a special Kitsuné prize pack, and an exclusive interview with the duo.

2008 has seen the duo garner significant radio play and chart success for their dance floor bombs, many of which you can download over the next month on RA for free. Each week we’ll exclusively host two singles from the mini-album for you to download straight onto your iPod and get your dose of French-tinged, British indie electro flavour. Resident Advisor

Mp3 | Autokratz - Reaktor
Mp3 | Autokratz - Stay the Same

Autokratz (UK, live), Fake Blood (UK), @ Bitterzoet Amsterdam - 23/10

" Unknown Exception (Selected Tracks Vol. 1 2004-2008) " - Modern Love - 2008
Techno / Dub / Dubstep

Andy Stott has developed a unique sound since his debut for the Modern Love label back in 2005. His first demos were heavily influenced by the square-bassline techno variations of Claro Intelecto, a longtime friend, mentor and eventually labelmate and collaborator.
His restless shift from traditional Techno blueprints through to the bottom-heavy signatures of dubstep and the steppers arrangements of garage have also placed him at the forefront of the dubstepXtechno hybrid sounds that have started to dominate the electronic music scene in 2008 alongside the likes of Martyn, Peverelist and T++. This compilation brings together selected tracks dating back to Andy Stott's debut back in 2005 and reaching all the way to his most recent material in 2008. Boomkat

Mp3 | Andy Stott - Replace
Mp3 | Andy Stott - Handle With Care

" I Will Always and Forever Hold You In My Heart and Mind " - Small Doses - 2008
Experimental / Drone

Aidan Baker is a canadian musician + writer currently based in toronto. he performs as a solo artist + with the groups nadja + arc. a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, his primary instrument is the electric guitar w/ which he creates music ranging from experimental/drone to ambient post-rock to contemporary classical. he has released numerous albums on labels from around the world + has authored several books of prose/poetry.

" I Will Always and Forever Hold You In My Heart and Mind " is a 51 minute work of shimmering, pulsating drone broken into twelve parts (one for each word of the title) that come together to form a seemless, wordless narrative. Small Doses

Mp3 | Aidan Baker - I
Mp3 | Aidan Baker - Will

" Double Night Time " - Environ - 2008
Electronic / Funk

Metro Area's Morgan Geist will release his second solo album in September on Environ.

Featuring vocals from Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, Double Night Time will undoubtedly have a poppier bent than its 1997 predecessor The Driving Memoirs. And the press release accompanying the album promises as much, claiming that the album indulges his "own early influences and guilty pleasures: techno-pop, prog rock and pure electronic music." Prog rock? We'll just have to wait and see what that means.

Judging by his latest solo work—and the recent boogie turn of Metro Area—we're expecting fully orchestrated epics that should work just as well in the home as they will in the club. With Greenspan listed as a co-writer of 'City of Smoke and Flame', we'll place our bets on that one as the inevitable pre-album single. Resident Advisor

Mp3 | Morgan Geist - Palace Kife
Mp3 | Morgan Geist - The Shore

" Same Places " - Table of The Elements - 2008
Experimental / Drone

With Same Places (Slow Version), Belong evinces a slow-motion transformation plate tectonics, wired for sound. Aural mountains melt into seas; yet icy barrens yield to breathing jungles of detail. The single, sprawling track may evoke decay, dissolution and destruction, but underfoot are tendrils of inexplicable joy. Belong sings a lullaby of obliteration, and the paradox it embodies would make both Kevin Shields and Tony Conrad proud: crushing melancholia and shuddering euphoria, inexorably intertwined. Insound

Mp3 | Belong - Same Places (Slow Version)

TodaysArt is the annual international festival for adventurous creativity in the city centre of The Hague, The Netherlands. Expect unique productions and performances in music, dance and art from 200+ artists from all over the world! Artists include !!! (CHK CHK CHK), God Is An Astronaut, Aquanauts (UR), Lindstrøm, Ben Frost, Deadbeat, Claro Intelecto, Andy Stott, Byetone (Raster Noton), Pier Bucci, Chunky Move, Pictoplasma, Pablo Valbuena and many others.

Date: 26th & 27th of September 2008
Place: The Hague (NL), 20+ venues (in- & outdoor), route Central Station/Spui/Grote Markt (city centre).
Presale: starts 1st of August at TodaysArt
Early Birds: available until the 1st of August in limited quantity at – Early Bird Passé-partout all-weekend: € 18,- (ex. Fee)

Six international renowned artists and participants of different Mikosa Issues painted a more than 300m2 big mural at the Baarsjesweg 200 in Amsterdam in July 2008. You can see the 10-day-long collaboration of Zedz, Lordh, Morcky, The Boghe, Wayne Horse and The London Police through the beautiful video above, done by NINE878 and musically arranged by Plastic Joy.

Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam presents ‘The Hyena & Other Men’, an exhibition by South African photographer Pieter Hugo (b. 1976, Johannesburg). In March 2008, Hugo was selected by an international jury as winner of the annual KLM Paul Huf Award. Part of this prize for young international photographers is an exhibition at Foam.

Pieter Hugo travelled twice to Nigeria (in 2005 and 2007) to follow a legendary group of itinerant street artists known as the Hyena Men. These men earn their money by performing on the streets with hyenas, pythons and baboons, and by selling traditional medicines.

Black Strobe I'm a Man cover is on the new Guy Richie movie "Rocknrolla" soundtrack and trailer.

When a Russian mobster sets up a real estate scam that generates millions of pounds, various members of London's criminal underworld pursue their share of the fortune. Various shady characters, including Mr One-Two, Stella the accountant, and Johnny Quid, a druggie rock-star, try to claim their slice

Watch | Rocknrolla

Every year TENT, an art space in Rotterdam, presents the TENT. Academy Awards. This is a competition between the best graduation videos, films, shorts and animation from the Dutch art academies. This year the winner of the Public's Choice Award was Edward Cook with his short documentary on a hotdog stand. Yael Assaf won the Jury's Prize with his experimental film Everyone has to get over his biography. Both justifiable winners, but we would like to give credit to one of the other nominees: Jeff Metz with his untitled animation about a man who escapes his boring life.

Watch | Jeff Metz’s “Final”

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