Friday 19 March 2010

Anna Taratiel aka "Ovni" Interview

Barcelona artist Anna Taratiel aka "Ovni" pushes the limits and creates Stunningly beautiful unreal installations unique street art and illustrations , she uses her life experiences and reshape them into abstract multidimensional worlds full of energy.

Who's "Ovni" ?

Ovni is me, and in spanish means ufo.
was the first artistic name that i used to explain my concept.
as a metaphor to interpret my designs as spaces and abstract landscapes.

Like a burst of energy where abstract landscapes meet "Outer" dimensions that defy our physic laws and get brushed by an ocean of intense colors , could these be "Ovni" trade marks ?

Yes, it is. My objective is transport everyone to another place, new spaces, different dimension and perspectives.

What's the center of your creativity , where does it come from ?

The structures of the city, arquitecture, the industrialization, the art noveau, the amusement parks, the kids fantasy, the astronauts and space movies, the robots, the colors...

You are both Graphic Designer and Street Artist , is it Street Art your rebel side ? something that Anna Taratiel couldn't show indoors ?

Maybe is a bit chaos but I always like to differentiate from my free side from the more professional. I suppose yes, ovni is rebellious and friendly because i used this name on the streets and the collective shows; and Anna taratiel is the artist with names and surnames for my solo shows.

Considering that around the web your name is praised everywhere , what do you think is so appealing in your work ?

i don't know exactly the reason why, but maybe is because i have a singular style and i can adapt it for all kind of projects from graphic design, to illustration, structures, walls... and my work has been created by my every day experiences and landscapes.

"Dynamic Equilibrium" , what was the concept behind that installation ?

I enjoy doing installions and structures because is a different way to show my concept in 3d dimensions.
Dynamic equilibrium was a commissioned work in Milano "design fair". The brand works in different kind of surfaces, and i had to create a big structure inside a room with its materials. The experience was really interesting, this work got me to improve myself because i designed all the pieces and the dispositions.

"Squared Squared" is one of my favorites , where did you get the idea/inspiration ?

This work was also a commissioned buy a collective that work basically by digital
printing on fabric. They proposed me to do something for interior design fair. The wanted something colorful with light and cubes using their product. i just designed the structure and the compositions getting the inspiration from the 80's aesthetics.

How much barcelona is in your work ?

well, Gaudi is a really inspiring figure in my organic work,
like all the modernism forms and concepts that appeared in the early 19th century.

Our childhood experiences have a huge impact in our lives , do you see some of your early memories in your work ?

since i was a child painting has been a joyful activity which i really like.
Nowadays i still take children's world as a resource for my work.

A normal day in "Ovni" live ?
Sorry, have not a normal day in "ovni" live

5 records you would take to the grave ?

- no P. or D. _ Ms john Soda
- Koop islands _ Koop
- Finally we are no one - Mum
- Silent shout _ the Knife
- Beams _ The presets

Your favorite hang out in Barcelona ?

The barceloneta, the old fishermen's area, which is a place where it still remains the identity of Barcelona. Is a real Place where live emerges; there you can have a nice paella or seafood (for a relatively low price), or you can see hanging clothes on the balconies or just have a bath on the beach.

What's your upcoming plan/project?

Right now I've just started a art direction master degree in barcelona.
And I'm preparing to move to Amsterdam at late july
where I'm going to start a new phase of my life... let's see!!