Tuesday 16 March 2010

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Jeremy Gilley was an actor before he founded Peace One Day in 1999. He had become disillusioned with his work, but understood the potential of film to positively affect people and create change in the world. So when he set out on his near impossible mission in 1999, he took a camera with him. Every journey made, every country visited and every person met – he got it all on camera. Ten years on, The Day After Peace is his story – the story of Peace One Day.

The Day After Peace charts the remarkable 10-year journey of award-winning filmmaker Jeremy Gilley to establish an annual Peace Day on 21 September. The camera follows Jeremy as he galvanises the countries of the world to recognise an official day of ceasefire and non-violence. The Day After Peace

Watch | The Day After Peace

Peacock in the Night 30-minute sketch of a dream. acrylic.
Hollace M. Metzger

"My world exists
but in a sea of graphite,
an infinite reflection in urban puddles
beyond a contemplative visage
and skies of passing clouds,
layers of colors, clothing and canvas
in hues of green and red or blue neon,
in photographed memories
of aged sepia or scalloped black lace,
momentary convex stills in chrome faucets
and a centrifuge of spinning vintage records’
timeless melodies."

from "My world exists" Hollace M. Metzger

"Author, architect and artist Hollace M. Metzger was educated in the US, London and Venice, Italy, before settling into the New York arts scene for the past eight years. Recently, she has been prolific in writing while performing in public salons throughout western Europe, the UK and New York City. In addition to writing, her poetic endeavors include collaborations with composers, choreographers and artists in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Romania and the Netherlands"

Karen o and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at the Hordern , awesome eye delicatessen by Sidney photographer Daniel Boud

" Baby I'm afraid of a lot of things but I ain't scared of loving you
And baby I know you're afraid of a lot of things But don't be scared of love... 'cause , People will say all kinds of things
But that don't mean a damn to me 'Cause all I see is what's in
front of me And that's you ... " Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Poor Song

Watch | Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Rich [ live ]
Mp3 | Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Diamond Sea [ Sonic Youth Cover ]

Turmkunst 2010 – Street Art XXL

On April 1st 2010 four international artists will commence work on the most complex canvass Europe has to offer: Honet (France), Sozyone (Spain), Flying Förtress (Germany) and Craig "KR" Costello (USA) will create a new piece of contemporary art 46m above Berlin.

Flying Förtress will start the adventure, Honet will be runner up, and Sozyone will finish the art work on the red facade, while Craig "KR" Costello will krink the grey stem. There will be some night sessions (with spotlights) and an exhibition by our curators, the Vicious Gallery, on the third floor of the building. For those spectators who want to enjoy the open air atmosphere, and watch our heroes at work, a spacious urban art living room and bar with furniture out of concrete will be set up around the tower.

Our Curators Tornow, Grau and Link will accompany the artists throughout the process and this website is your invitation to do the same. Watch our idea grow, contribute and enjoy.

Trailer for the Turmkunst 2010 Event! Produced & filmed by Christian Müller

Watch | Turmkunst 2010

Paris’ Kitsuné Records readies Kitsuné Maison 9 compilation: The Petit Bateau edition or The Cotton Issue featuring brand new tracks and remixes from Arthur Baker, Crookers feat Yelle, Holy Ghost!, Hurts, Joan Of Arc, Two Door Cinema Club, Yusek and more!

Mp3 | Kitsune Maison 9 MinixMix by JBAG

1.Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves remix)
2.Holy Ghost! - Say My Name
3.Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker remix Kitsune edit)
4.Gamble & Burke - Lets Go Together
5.Jupiter - Vox Populi (Lifelike treatment)
6.Feldberg - Dreamin'
8.Washed Out - Belong
9.Your Nature - Forward Motion
10.Jamaica - Short And Entertaining
11.Silver Columns - Brow Beaten
12.Logo - La Vie Moderne
13.Yuksek - Supermenz (Were Not)

Great showreel by Upper First covering their first year of existence.

Upper First is a studio aimed at producing visual FX, motion graphics and film for the growing digital and new media market. We are six founding members sharing a mutual interest in design, direction and visual production.

Watch | Upper First - Showreel 09

“Red Bloom of the Boom” marks the in-between moment of Jon Philpot's solo explosion becoming a full band's orchestra of sound. "We started clean and natural and as time passed we twisted, distorted and tweaked. After all that we're as handsome as ever," says Philpot, in a simple-yet-accurate explanation of the monster of a band that Bear In Heaven, unassumingly walking the streets of Brooklyn, has so suddenly, but deliberately, become.

The music: Philpot's voice is daydream-and-goosebump-inducing. It glides over walls of melodious distortion, building songs that are unapologetically epic. It is pleasure protracted, climaxes flashing well into songs that are complete sonic sentences. It testifies to psychedelic roots, to the music that we obsessed over in the 90s, and to absolute "future rock." Bear In Heaven is indeed deserving of a new descriptor. HomeTapes

Mp3 | Bear in Heaven - Bag of Bags

Very Cool toy design by Happybuddha from the Chinese design collective U-PICK

mY Indie Soul # 32
to my lovely sister Ana Martins

Listen | mY Indie Soul # 32

All of mY Indie Souls have a history and events to be inspired from , this by far the easiest of all editions , less experimental no drones or strange glitchy noises and no mad endings

For this edition there's is a very strong female presence and 4 hidden ghosts [Sonic Youth,Pixies,Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine] i've chosen as a flag The wonderful Karen o , Yeah Yeah Yeah , 3 of most underrated bands ever , Autolux , Electro Group and Airiel , but by the looks of the music scenario this year is gonna change very rapidly , Rock is full on and there is a awesome shoegaser revival , the drum n bass vs electro experiences will not survive its like eating a orange and a papaya at the same time too sweet , Rock vs Hip Hop might have legs to walk maybe but not yet.

Also some new discoveries , a great brooklyn band Bear in Heaven , my favorite track from the new Kitsune Maison 9 "Your Nature - Forward Motion" , the New Yorkers You Say Party! We Say Die! and New Young Pony Club the Wales indie rockers Two door cinema club and the awesome Canadien We are Wolves
Also on board Bradford Cox and his great Atlas Sound and the brand new Finish Huskey Rescue

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Sweets
Autolux - Plantlive
Electro Group - la ballena algeria
Atlas Sound - Ativan
Bear in Heaven - You Do You
Husky Rescue - They Are Coming
Your Nature - Forward Motion
The Clientele - Sketch
You Say Party! We Say Die! - She's Spoken For
New Young Pony Club - Rapture
Airiel - kiss me slowly
We are Wolves - Vietnam
Two door cinema club - Cigarettes in the theatre

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