Sunday 28 March 2010

Lcd Soundsystem, Stefan Lantschner, Phoenix, The Sonics, Film Biënnale Amsterdam, Double Dagger, Lucie Georger, Hammock, Julia Galdo

New single from the maybe or not last Lcd Soundsystem Lp , their is a immense speculation about the possibility that this could be the last sounds coming from James Murphy and crew , either way the best is to enjoy the new stuff and go watch them live , btw if u wanna see them live hurry up to get tickets because the Europe tour is almost sold out everywhere.

Drunk Girls is the first single to be taken from the new album released May 17.

Listen | LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

Check out Lantschner`s new Carhartt video by Woozy.
Tons of spots, style and tricks are waiting for you!. What else could I say?
Just lay back and enjoy – cause here come 6 min. timeless bikeriding!! Carhartt bmx

Watch | Stefan Lantschner Carhartt bmx

The acclaimed French indie band Phoenix is given for free their album live in
Sidney. Link for free download

Watch | Phoenix - Lisztomania
Mp3 | Phoenix - 1901

One of the most influential rock bands ever , The Sonics are playing live in the Paradiso Amsterdam next tuesday 30 March , The Sonics are dubbed as the forefathers of Punk and the ultimate 60th Garage Rock. Their influence was so huge that still today their albums are seen as relics , among other their sound has influenced , The Stooges , The Cramps , Ramones , The Strokes , Nirvana , Lcd Soundsystem etc ...

Mp3 | The Sonics - Psycho
Watch | Sonics - The Witch

International film, art, poetry and music cross-over festival.
EYE Film Institute Netherlands presents the Film Biënnale, featuring unique film events at special venues throughout Amsterdam from 7 to 11 April. The programme was created in collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which will present a selection drawn from its internationally renowned film collection.

The Film Biënnale showcases film productions which blur the boundaries between different artistic disciplines, merging music, art, theatre and poetry. The festival kicks off with the screening of The Man with the Camera (1929) by Russian film pioneer Dziga Vertov. The Michael Nyman Band will perform the soundtrack as a live accompaniment.

Great stuff from Baltimore's Double Dagger , really fresh sounds with a bunch of very cool influences , its a post-punk with more intensity that could sound something like The Fall with The Death Seat

"Double Dagger’s new EP, Masks, continues in this vein, taking up where their acclaimed 2009 full length, More, left off. Masks presents a series of vignettes, ranging from acerbic to facetious to self-reflective, on the facades we build within our lives. Masks contains some of Double Dagger’s most catchy songs to date, yet characteristically the tone of the album encompasses the abrasive and sarcastic as well as the upbeat and closes with a surprisingly delicate instrumental. The EP was recorded by the band using a necessarily DIY setup, and like More, manages to capture the loudness and energy of Double Dagger’s explosive live performances." thrill jockey

Mp3 | Double Dagger - Pillow Talk

I met Lucie Georger this week in Dr Muller Birthday , French born and resident in Amsterdam for 10 years , Lucie's works as a children's illustrator goodies , a visit to her blog will feel like falling down the rabbit hole , lovely stuff.

Great music video , "Breathturn" from the album "Chasing After Shadows...Living with the Ghosts" , to be released on May 18, 2010. Directed by David Altobelli.

Watch | Hammock - Breathturn

Julia Galdo wanted to be a Marine Biologist but went to the San Francisco Art Institute , after graduation established has a professional photographer and in her portfolio includes clients like Good Vibrations, Juxtapoz, Nike and many others.