Sunday 31 January 2010

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Lcd Soundsystem are back on business and a new album is expected this year.
Here is a first clip with frontman James Murphy.

Watch | Clip 1

Os Gêmeos (Portuguese for “The Twins”) are identical twin brothers from São Paulo, Brazil. They started painting graffiti in 1987 and gradually became a major influence in the local scene, helping to define Brazil’s own style. Stylistically, Os Gêmeos are heavily influenced by the cryptic art of the São Paulo–based pixação graffiti movement as well as American hip-hop, which the twins grew up with in Brazil. The brothers have gained international fame, displaying their work in exhibitions in major cities in the U.S. and Europe, including Deitch Projects in New York and Tate Modern in London.

Watch | Ep #5 - Os Gêmeos

Kid Koala 6 turntables meets the Ex-Wolfmother rhythm section.
Free album The Slew - 100%

Watch | The Slew - Its all over

Machotaildrop is a highly visual and fantastical journey about an amateur skateboarder, Walter Rhum, who realizes his dream of turning pro and riding for the world's greatest skateboard company... Machotaildrop. Set in an anachronistic time and place, Machotaildrop is the greatest skateboard company of its day and the regal and grand sport of skateboarding has been thriving for many generations. Walter's journey serves as a window through which we discover the dark underbelly of what appears at first to be a benign skateboard company.Blair Stanley IMDB

Watch | Machotaildrop

New timelapse short film “Sky” by Uk film Director Philip Bloom , filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights.

Watch | Sky

Music video for Cécile & Venice's "Rimmel", out Jan 8th 2010 on Gomma Dance Tracks E.P.2.
Video footage from 1966 Czech New Wave movie "Sedmikrasky" (a.k.a. Daisies) by Vera Chytilova.

Watch | Cécile & Venice - Rimmel

Drawings by Spanish Illustrator Jonatan Cantero

2010 show reel from the always brilliant studio Universal Everything

Watch | Universal Everything show reel

They shoot music dont they is a very cool music/video blog from Vienna.
A large collection of performances including , We Have Band, Under Byen, Shout Out Louds, Holy Fuck, Deus, Au Revoir Simone amoung many others ave available on their blog.

Watch | Holy Fuck

Norwegians shoegazers Serena-Maneesh have a new album after 5 years , the new record "S-M 2: Abyss In B Minor" is due to be released next March on the alternative label 4AD

Watch | Serena-Maneesh - Reprobate
Mp3 | Serena-Maneesh - I Just Want To See Your Face

Staalhemel (‘steel sky’) is an interactive installation with 80 steel segments suspended over the visitor’s head as he walks through the space. Tiny hammers tap rhythmic patterns on the steel plates, activated by the brainwaves of the visitor who wears a portable EEG scanner.

This responsive environment confronts the viewer with an acoustic representation of the electrical brain activities that govern his being at that very moment. All our mental and physiological processes are controlled by myriads of transitory circuits in an invisible, obscure place in the crown of our head. That intimate topography is mirrored in this sky of steel as hammers hit the plates in shifting rhythms and combinations, transforming parts of your consciousness into macroscopic dimensions.

This environment offers a walk through a sheltered space that is also the space of one’s own mind.

Watch | Staalhemel - Steel Sky

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