Wednesday 16 January 2008

Warp Light District....abstract electronics and visual dimensions...

with Funckarma, Emotional Spy, Ard Bit for ambient/IDM/electronica sounds, Videotroopers and Pitch-Visualive for atmospheric visuals displayed on multiscreening and installations, making the venue environment interacting with
the music as a whole experience....and an audiovisual showcase by the netlabel Vidauxs @ Overtoom 301 Amsterdam - 02 Feb - < 21.30 >

Emotional Spy
Spy started to work on his music project in 2002 in Nantes (France), working on different experimentations in his home studio, most of the time solo, sometimes with collaborators. The main direction then was really into atmospheric landscapes research, sounding like sci fi work or paranoid ambient.

Funckarma is the music of two Dutch brothers, Don and Roel Funcken. Both did studies in audio visual surroundings. Influences on their work are hiphop, jazz, reggae and dub music, soul music and definitely beats in all ways imaginable.
Having released under numerous labels (Warp/Skam/dub/Merck) and alter egos (Cane/Quench/Cenik), they remixed Funkstörung and Speedy J and received great acclaim for their hiphop project with Shadowhuntaz.

Ard Bit
Ard Bit is the brainchild of Ard Janssen, and is the moniker for his vision of abstract electronic music. Born in the southern part of the Netherlands, he now resides in Rotterdam. He has been interested in electronic music since he heard it for the first time; back in the early 90's. Programming beats and shaping sound to obtain abstract music bears his core fascination.

videortroopers is erik mijwaard (nl).
real-time manipulated electronic incoherence to stress emotions created by audio.

Pitch Visualive
The creative process of pitch-visualive is based on the diffusion of an impromptu visual energy. Abundance and excess, deconstruction and reapropriation. The sounds and the images are answered in a visual and sound reflexivity, inviting all the directions to appear.Video live of pitch always born in a climate of experimentation and improvisation.
2d and 3d creations are combined with catches of personal sights and coincident in a non-narrativ poesy.

Vidauxs is a project, a space, a network, an indipendent netlabel which aims to research, promote and distribute experimental audio and video productions, to encourage the artists oriented to a visual listening of the electronic music to share and enhance their own experiences. From IDM to the experimental projects vidauxs means to emphasize the visual aspect of the electronic music promoting audiovisual productions.

Warp Light District