Sunday 22 June 2008

Let's Dance, Cloudland Canyon, Funkstorung, The December Sound, Jimmy Behan, Kraftwerk, Anthony Furlong, Postpanik, La chute de l'ange, The Cloud

Save Paper , Save the Planet and LET'S DANCE

Mp3 | Boys Noize - Shine Shine [ Apparat mix ]
Mp3 | Alter Ego - Gary [ Tiga's Italia 90 mix ]
Mp3 | The Whip - Blackout [ Shinichi Osawa mix ]
Mp3 | Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire [ Holy Ghost mix ]
Mp3 | Captain Phoenix - Pistols and Hearts [ Bloody Beetroots mix ]
Mp3 | Jupiter One - Countdown [ Designer Drugs Mix ]
Mp3 | The Knife - Like A Pen [ Thomas Schumacher mix ]
Mp3 | Oxia - Not Sure

Download full Let's Dance.rar

" Lie in Light " - Kranky - 2008
Psycadelic / krautrock / Experimental

You can play pick the influences if you like, but you can do that with any group. Cloudland Canyon certainly owe a debt to the German underground of the 70's, but they have also added flourishes of baroque pop and even a tinge of the 80's New Zealand scene into their sound. That they have ingested these influences and then delivered something as dynamic as this album without sounding like rote imitation is what impresses. The album is anything but one-dimensional, as they traverse a wide swath of territory. From the lock down groove of the opening track "Krautwerk," to the dense buzz of "White Woman," through the pastoral pscyh of "Heme" and on to the gentle wash of the closer "Mothlight," Cloudland Canyon have created an eclectic and rewarding listen. Kranky

Mp3 | Cloudland Canyon - Lie In Light
Mp3 | Cloudland Canyon - White Woman

" Appendix " - K7 - 2007
Electronic / IDM

So the German duo of Funkstorung have apparently called it quits, and they’ve found a perfect way to bow out, giving us an album featuring what they do best: remix other people’s music. These are not your average remixes, mind you: The Bavarian team of Michael Fekesch and Chris de Luca grab the barest essentials of a song and put it through their signature techno sound of furious beats and glitsches. Here the pair tackle many styles and artists, from the funk of Barry Adamson (“Whispering Streets,” by far the album’s best track) to Bjork (“All Is Full of Love,” another winner) to the Raveonettes (“Love in a Trashcan”). Fans will wonder why this disc doesn’t include their highly regarded Wu-Tang remix (legal issues, one must assume), but there’s plenty of aural feasts on the aptly named Appendix. For fans of Aphex Twin and Autechre in particular. James - Soundfix

Mp3 | Bjork - All is Full of Love [ 2nd Funkstorung mix ]
Mp3 | Lamb - Heaven [ Funkstorung mix ]

" Silver Album " - Self Relesed - 2007
Psycadelic / Shoegaze / Rock

The December Sound
“...unique combination of loud, pounding rhythms,
rippling, effects-laden guitar and sweet vocals...”

“...intoxicating blend of noise and melody.
...the best unsigned band on the planet right now!”
-Ben Vendetta, -THE BIG TAKEOVER

Mp3 | The December Sound - Painkiller
Mp3 | The December Sound - No Heaven Like Hell

" In the Sudden Distance " - Zymogen - 2008
Electronic / Ambient / IDM / Experimental

Jimmy Behan released his debut album 'Days Are What We Live In' in 2004 before taking time out to study for a Masters in Music & Media Technologies from Trinity College, where his thesis focused on the compositional possibilities of creative sampling techniques.
Currently, his work focuses on finding emotional connections between the physicality of sounds and their contexts. The physical characteristics of sounds (dynamics, texture and space) are explored via a range of processes before determining the emotional tone of a piece.
The 'In the Sudden Distance EP' attempts to capture that moment when the present suddenly becomes the past, rendering the passing of time as a sudden shift in perspective. Recorded around the time of a relocation to his home town after 16 years, it revolves around themes of change, memory and redemption.
With this concept work Jimmy brings Zymogen to a higher level in the exploration of electronic soundscapes. Zymogen

Mp3 | Jimmy Behan - Embers

Download full release Here

" Autobahn " - 1974 - Philips / Vertigo
Electronic / Experimental

Though they'd recorded three previous albums, kraftwerk modern pop legacy starts with the sounds of a few footsteps and a slamming car door--the beginning of a 22-minute musically impressionistic excursion down Germany's famed superhighway. An unexpected hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Autobahn's "fahren, fahren, fahren" refrain echoes "Fun, Fun, Fun" by the Beach Boys (just one of Kraftwerk's unlikely influences), while the entire concept recalls Brian Wilson's frustrated attempts at creating what he called "a pocket symphony." The rhythmic synth pulse that carries the title track will be familiar to Kraftwerk admirers, while cofounder Florian Schneider's flute work and other more delicate melodic touches hearken back to the band's prog-rock foundations (as do the atmospheric "Kometenmelodie 1 & 2," "Mitternacht," and "Morgenspaziergang"). Kraftwerk's fascination with technology has been well documented, but the revelation of Autobahn is the playful human spirit behind the robots' masks. Jerry McCulley - Amazon

Mp3 | Kraftwerk - Autobahn
Mp3 | kraftwerk - kometenmelodie 1

Diesel / Flaunt 9th Anniversary

In this short experimental film for Flaunt Magazine I had the amazing opportunity to just simply play in the world of cool. Working off of Diesel's current campaign, "Human After All," and pages literally torn from Flaunt we mixed live action, 3d, stop motion and traditional cel animation to end Diesel's campaign with a huge bang. Anthony Furlong

Watch | Human After All

Postpanic returns with a second installment of the Postman, directed by Mishca Rozema. I remember how much I loved the first one they dropped to open their old reel. This one lives up to its predecessor with the same stark visuals, tripped-out, visceral intensity and audio that just makes you cringe. Motionographer

Watch | Postman

An angel, carrying a suitcase full of mysterious vials, falls on earth. A man finds the suitcase and the fallen angel. He'll try to bring the celestial creature back to life with the stuff found in the suitcase. But... Which one is the good one? Or does he just need some... love?

Delicate and beautiful short animated movie produced by Mikros Image, directed by Geoffroy Barbet Massin.

Watch | La chute de l'ange

An organic sculptural landmark that responds to human interaction and expresses context awareness using hundreds of sensors and over 15,000 individually addressable optical fibers. Constructed of carbon glass, rising over four meters high, and containing more than 65 kilometers of fiber optics, the Cloud encourages visitors to touch and interact with information in new ways, manifesting emotions and behavior through sound and a dichotomy of luminescence and darkness. Located in downtown Florence outside the Fortezza da Basso.

Watch | The Cloud

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