Saturday 7 June 2008

Let's Dance, Mary Anne Hobbs, Et Explore Me, Evangelista, Ratatat, Daedalus, Neu!, Munk, M83, Deep Screen, The Last Mistress

Mp3 | The knife - Pass This On [ M.A.N.D.Y. Mix ]
Mp3 | Human League - The Things That Dreams ... [ Tiga mix ]
Mp3 | I-Robots - Frau [ Boys Noize mix ]
Mp3 | Para One - Dundun Dun [ Adam Kesher Cover ]
Mp3 | Munk - Live Fast Die Old [ Salmassi Cash mix ]
Mp3 | Junior Boys - No Kinda Man [ Chloe mix ]

Hats off for Mary Anne Hobbs , an amazing set she delivered friday night in the Warp Light District water front , Rotterdam.
Long time since i heard such a good set , Broken Beats , Dubstep and very muscled dark electronics , after the set i drove her back to the hotel , not only she is awesome behind the decks but also super nice as a person , one her favorites albums for 2008 is Flying Lotus - Los Angeles , will be released 10 June by Warp Records

The Second surprise from the weekend was a Dutch band called Et Explore Me ,they are already called The new sound of the Dutch underground , it was such a great performance , Bass , Organ and Drums and shit loads of noise just the way i like it , they sound a lot like Soulwax and Death From Above 1979. The have lots of free material on their website , go check it here.

Mp3 | Et Explore Me - Bad Hangover

" Hello, Voyager " - Cst Records - 2008
Gothic / Experimental

The Evangelista band continues to comprise Carla and Tara as its nucleus, and continues to build on its relationship with Montreal (where the last album was also made). Hello, Voyager was recorded in Montreal at the Hotel2Tango by Efrim Menuck in late summer 2007, with an even larger cast of Montreal musicians joining Carla, Tara and Shahzad this time around, to work up a more stylistically diverse batch of songs. Raw, beautifully ravaged, semi-improvised soundscapes still underpin Carla's incantatory sung and spoken lyrics on the album's opening and closing tracks, but much of the rest of the record is more overtly composed. Blistering nuggets like the snarling "Smooth Jazz" and the desperate "Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space" are the most rocking tunes Carla has put to tape since the demise of The Geraldine Fibbers, while "The Blue Room" (one of Carla's finest songs, and one she has been carrying around for many years) is finally captured in a stunning studio arrangement that includes organ, violin, cello and contrebasse. "Lucky Lucky Luck" is a playful, sassy, fractured take on the misfit narrative and "Paper Kitten Claw" is its methodical, reflective, poetic foil. Carla's voice perfectly sets and channels the prevailing mood on each song, and is strong as ever. Cst Records

Mp3 | Evangelistac - truth is dark like outer space
Mp3 | Evangelista - hello, voyager!

" Lp3 " - Xl Recordings - 2008
Electronic / Experimental

Tucked away in a private studio named Old Soul, in Catskill, NY the two musical forces behind Ratatat , Evan and Mike, have collaborated yet again to redefine the current state of instrumental music. This time, the album is called LP3 and though it doesn't use much in the way of hi-tech recording equipment it's still laced with a unique balance of penetrating beats and ethereal riffs. However they broaden their palette of sounds this time around by relying more on keyboard instruments than guitars. Don't worry, Mike's characteristic guitar style is still present on this record but there are also an abundance of new textures emanating from the likes of a harpsichord, a wurlitzer, a mellotron and even a grand piano.

Mp3 | Ratatat - Imperials
Mp3 | Ratatat - Shempi

" Love To Make Music To " - Ninja Tune - 2008
Experimental / Electronic

Daedelus is the name under which Los Angeles-based electro-musician Alfred Darlington makes music. Love to Make Music To is his first album for Ninja Tune. Darlington describes the album as "the imaginary memory of a time that never was" and a "drug/love record." Guests are aplenty on Love. They include Paperboy, members of the Sa-Ra Foundation, Laura Darling (who just so happens to be Darlington's wife), and producer Michael Johnson, who has worked with the Lilys and Holopaw.Prefixmag

Mp3 | Daedelus - Get Off Your HiHats
Mp3 | Daedelus - I Took Two

(1972) Neu! (Brain Records)
krautrock / Electronic / Experimental

Neu! was recorded over four days in Hamburg with Can producer Conrad Plank, and its static, aggressive harmonies and almost (but not quite) robotic sound still has a resonance that echoes even today. As any musician from Add N to X to Sonic Youth, from Stereolab to Cabaret Voltaire could tell you, early '70s Dusseldorf band Neu! were one third of the original triumvirate--alongside Can and Faust--that defined Krautrock. Michael Rother (guitar/keyboards) and Klaus Dinger (drums) formed the band in 1971, and with their first three albums established a pattern of minimalist melodies and locked groove "motorik" beats that were to later exert a tremendous influence over left-field music, both in dance and rock. Indeed, one of the great U.S. avant-garde '90s bands, Negativland, take their name from a track on this album. "Hallogallo, Sonderangebot," "Im Gluck"--these are the conveyor-belt grooves, the elemental sweep and soar of the neon-bright autobahn, and the sound of the future when it was still shiny and clean. As David Bowie put it, "[Neu! were] Kraftwerk's wayward, anarchistic brothers." And so much more. Amazon - Jerry Thackray

Mp3 | Neu! - Hallogallo
Mp3 | Neu! - Negativland

New Munk single ," Live Fast die Old " Producers Mathias Modica and Jonas Imbery team up with actress, director and daughter of Dario, Asia Argento, for this track, lifted from their Cloudbuster LP.

Watch | MUNK feat. Asia Argento
Live Fast Die Old

Xlr8r tv Episode No. 62
M83 Teen Romance
The swelling uplifts of M83's new album Saturdays=Youth are made all the more majestic by the singular focus of the record's inspiration—being a teenager. Anthony Gonzales (a.k.a. M83) has long had his music described as "cinematic," so it's fitting that he finds so much kinship with the ecstatic firsts and everything-is-possible excitement portrayed in teen movies. Here, he waxes nostalgic about some of his favorite films in the genre, from the canon of John Hughes to the dark camp of Gregg Araki.

Watch | Anthony Gonzales

Mp3 | M83 - Too Late

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Deep Screen – Art in Digital Culture presents contemporary works of art which are all in some way marked by today’s digital culture. The jury, chaired by guest curator Andreas Broeckmann, has selected 18 artists out of the 200-plus submissions

The increasing digitalisation of our culture has consequences for the arts. We take instant photos with our cell phones, pick out the shots we want in the blink of an eye on the computer screen, and create our own version of reality using Photoshop and iPhoto. The influence on the visual art world is apparent in the temporary nature of the images used and the centrality of process, repetition and change.

Erica van Loon, Settings II-XIV, 2007

Catherine Breillat's adaptation of An Old Mistress stars Fu'ad Ait Aatou as Ryno de Marigny, and Asia Argento as Vellini, two lovers in 19th century Paris. The two have been passionately involved for nearly a decade, but de Marigny attempts to end their relationship now that he is engaged to Hermangarde (Roxane Mesquida), a respectable young woman. As the bride-to-be's grandmother forces de Marigny to confront his past as a notorious womanizer, the film flashes back to reveal the intense decade the lovers shared. Although de Marigny appears to want to shut Vellini out forever, her passions may be far too much for him to deny. Perry Seibert, All Movie Guide

Watch | The Last Mistress (2008)

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