Tuesday 10 March 2009

Audiopleasures Mixtape,Renascent Reel,The Tale of How,The Botanique Nights,The Rape of Europe, Röyksopp , Telefon Tel Aviv, Funckarma,The Pacific

Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | Architecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die
Mp3 | Blonde Redhead - Misery Is a Butterfly
Mp3 | Bright Eyes - Middle Man
Mp3 | Broken Social Scene Feat. Feist - Lover's Spit
Mp3 | Caribou-The Snow Capes
Mp3 | Cfpa - Young Shields
Mp3 | Death Cab for Cutie - For What Reason
Mp3 | Destroyer - Painter in Your Pocket
Mp3 | Division kent - Pat The Pan Am Pilot
Mp3 | Feist and Ben Gibbard - Train Song
Mp3 | Fires Of Rome - Set In Stone [ M83 mix ]
Mp3 | Foreign Born - Vacationing People

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Great Reel by Renascent , directed by Joost Korngold

Watch | Renascent Reel 2009

Nine months of part time work gave birth to The Blackheart Gang’s acclaimed short film called, The Tale of How. The Tale of How is the second part of a trilogy of works called the Dodo Trilogy. It is to later be flanked by The Tale of Then and The Tale of When. The Dodo Trilogy, in turn, fits into a much greater work called, The Household.In the The Tale of How we meet a giant octopus with a tree growing in his head, the terror of the Indian ocean , OTTO THE MONSTER! His lonley past time is to devour the innocent dodo’s who lived on his head. We then see the dodo’s unite and with the help of a little white mouse, we saw them escape the clutches of the terrible be-tentacled tyrant and sail off into the sunset on their mother the tree.

The Tale of How consists out of a series of 13 prints and a short animated film.

Watch | The Tale of How

The "Bota Nights" mark the beginning of the festival season. The 'Nignts' on the Brussels green inner ring road present more than 100 international bands in the heart of Europe. How many artists didn't make their first appearance at the Botanique ? Today, more than 30,000 music lovers crowd the greenhouses of the Botanique to see the first steps of future celebrities. Mainly dedicated to live music, the "Botanique Nights" host artists from all continents, whatever kind of music, rock, folk, hip hop, electro… The 'Nights' are certainly considered the best modern music festival.

Opening periods:
from Thursday 7 May 2009 to Saturday 16 May 2009
Theme: Music
The Botanique Nights, the most cosy and trendy urban festival is a real talent scout... but it's also a safe bet taking place in wonderful halls.
Including among others, Beirut, Woven Hand, Andrew Bird, Anaïs, Art Brut, Charlie Winston, Sharko, Fujiya & Miyagi, Yuksek, Emily Loizeau, Bat For Lashes, Great Lake Swimmers, but also Cali, Christophe, Jane Birkin, Abd Al Malik, and many more!
Brussel Toerisme

For more info visit The Botanique Nights

The Rape of Europa tells the epic story of the systematic theft, deliberate destruction and miraculous survival of Europe’s art treasures during the Third Reich and the Second World War.

In a journey through seven countries, the film takes the audience into the violent whirlwind of fanaticism, greed, and warfare that threatened to wipe out the artistic heritage of Europe. For twelve long years, the Nazis looted and destroyed art on a scale unprecedented in history. But young art professionals as well as ordinary heroes, from truck drivers to department store clerks, fought back with an extraordinary effort to safeguard, rescue and return the millions of lost, hidden and stolen treasures.

The Rape of Europa begins and ends with the story of artist Gustav Klimt’s famed Gold Portrait, stolen from Viennese Jews in 1938 and now the most expensive painting ever sold.

Today, more than sixty years later, the legacy of this tragic history continues to play out as families of looted collectors recover major works of art, conservators repair battle damage, and nations fight over the fate of ill-gotten spoils of war.

Joan Allen narrates this breathtaking chronicle about the battle over the very survival of centuries of western culture.

Watch | The Rape of Europe

Röyksopp Official video for the first single from 'Junior'!
Directed by Reuben Sutherland

Watch | Röyksopp - Happy Up Here

Telefon Tel Aviv video , from the 2009 album Immolate Yourself

Watch | Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself

Video for Dutch IDM brothers Funckarma by C-Mem

Watch Funckarma - Holdgase

Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and from the creators of “Band of Brothers”, The Pacific is a a 10-part HBO mini-series which tells the intertwined stories of three Marines, Robert Leckie (played by James Badge Dale), Eugene Sledge (Joe Mazzello) and John Basilone (Jon Seda), during America’s battle with the Japanese in the Pacific during World War II.

Produced on a budget of more $150 million, and shot on location in Australia, the series follows (from an early press release) “The extraordinary experiences of these men and their fellow Marines take them from the first clash with the Japanese in the haunted jungles of Guadalcanal, through the impenetrable rain forests of Cape Gloucester, across the blasted coral strongholds of Peleliu, up the black sand terraces of Iwo Jima, through the killing fields of Okinawa, to the triumphant, yet uneasy, return home after V-J Day . Slash Film

Watch | The Pacific

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