Friday 6 March 2009

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Mp3 | Bloc Party - I still remember [ Sebastian mix ]
Mp3 | Boys Noize - Shine Shine [ Shadow Dancer mix ]
Mp3 | Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger [ Jess & Crabbe mix ]
Mp3 | David Bowie - Rebel Rebel [ Soulwax mix ]
Mp3 | Death In Vegas - Hands Around My Throat [ Adult. mix ]
Mp3 | Dubfire - I Feel Speed [ Audion Remix ]
Mp3 | Scsi 9 - Tierra Del Fuego [ Gui Boratto mix ]
Mp3 | The Last Atlant - Going Nuts
Mp3 | Tiefschwarz feat Tracey Thorn - Damage [ m.a.n.d.y. mix ]
Mp3 | Warren Suicide - Land of the Free
Mp3 | We Are Wolves - Teenage, bats & anthropology
Mp3 | Woolfy vs Projections - I the Escape

Download Full Let's Dance

Smashing website by Yugop, motion logic with rigid dynamics , drag the black balls to interact. :-)

“symptoms” is agf and delay's musical reality check for a world turned upside-down. woven into a fine net from full beats, dubby textures, and tiny digital sound gimmickry, the twelve songs try to come to terms with the level of awareness and the apparently limited possibilities of mankind's development. an album that is both catchy and challenging pop music for the 21st century.

Mp3 | Agf-Delay - In Cycles [ original mix ]

New Episode of Kitsune TV , with La Roux, We Have Band, Two Door Cinema Club and David Sugar

Watch | Petit Bateau x Kitsuné

This is an online companion project for the upcoming Antonioni double CD release entitled "Michelangelo Antonioni - Trilogy And Epilogue" (and/34), and is intended to serve as a general homage. The works featured on this project were solicited via public invitation. The artists were given free license to create work inspired by the late great film director, however out of all the submissions sent, only the ones featured here were chosen. Both the CD and online projects were planned and initiated (in June, 2007) three months before his passing in September of the same
year, thereby making the launching of both projects all the more timely and poignant...
Even though the courtesy of giving people a chance to download and listen to each track is given, it is highly suggested that the entire release be downloaded and listened to in its proper order, so that the intended flow can be experienced.

Download Here

Join The Glocal Project and help us create the world's largest contributive artwork. This is a group for photo-innovators - people who are moving the boundaries of what can be done with image by hacking, experimenting and creating. Together, we're building the foundation for a major art peice that will be shown both online and in galleries, museums and festivals around the world.

We have built a set of software, hardware, and conceptual toolkits designed to help you rethink the way you take photos. We are also running innovative weekly photochallenges that will allow members around the world to explore new ideas and come together to discuss art, photography, and culture.

We ask our members to post photos that are unique and innovative - we reserve the right to remove images that do not fit with the project goals. All contributors to The Glocal Project will be fully credited - this is a chance for all of our members to be a recognized part of a high-profile international artwork.

For more information about the Glocal Project, please visit our website -
The Glocal Project

Seeland was formed by Tim Felton (ex Broadcast) and Billy Bainbridge (ex Plone) in the winter of 2004/05 amid the fallout from Birmingham's 'Retro Futurist Electronic scene' – a group of musicians and artists inspired by space age pop, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Joe Meek and eccentric 60's library music. Seeland spent the last few years carefully crafting the contemporary psychedelic masterpiece that is 'Tomorrow Today'.

Mp3 | Seeland - Call The Incredible

The launch of Seeland's debut Album "Tomorrow Today" & Dollboy's album 'Beard of Bees'
Saturday 14th March 2009 / 19:00 LOAF HQ 2(b) Swanfield Street London / E2 7DS

Thanks to Vincent Oliver l-o-a-f / hub100

[Image: Air-Port-City by Tomas Saraceno, photographed by Adatabase. "Since 2002," we read in the Biennial's pocket guide, "Saraceno has continued, in sculptures, installations and experimental flights, to make a series of incremental steps towards his ultimate goal of cities built in the air." From the Liverpool Biennial International 08]. Bldgblog

Vladislav Delay “Karha” Animation by Nicolas Boulard 2008

Watch | Karha

The video for the Baron Bane song "Love.Cure.All". Directed by Maria Sand.

Watch |
Baron Bane - Love.Cure.All

Four remixes (by Tony Senghore, Sophie Rimheden, Slim Vic and Aronsson) are available for Free

This lightwriting video by LICHTFAKTOR was done for EURAC, TIS and the University of Bolzano/ Italy.
it’s a cinema ad for “the long night of scientific research” at Bolzano 2008.

Thanks to Matthias Mühlberger and Annelie Bortolotti for all there help and support, for more information check: eurac

Watch | the long night of scientific research

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