Friday 17 April 2009

mY Indie Soul # 29

Before the arrival of our next guests , Konntinent , How to Cure Dyslexia and Codes in de Clouds , a new Indie Soul .
With a large German flavor and with an incredible amount of different music influences and styles.

Anyway today im felling a bit sick , was the whole week kinda tired and at my work only 120% is acceptable , i'm very happy with it.

I've decided to make this Indie Soul in the memory on my lovely beautiful mobile that lies in the bottom of a canal together with the keys from my house , car , work locker , my bank pass and my favorite party pants that i had almost for 8 years.

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mY Indie Soul # 29
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Konntinent - Nassau Tree
Great record , what i like more about is how he can combine textures in a very relaxed and simple way , Nassau Tree is a great track that in some ways is a reminder of the smashing Ben Frost Theory of Machines.
There are some other ideas , Drone and Glitch with post-rock splashes , not easy to easy find . So we could call it "Post-Somewhere".

Kurt Vile - Songs for John in D
Really like the simplicity and strings arrangements of this song , a simple idea is always the best.

Ametsub - Faint Dazzlings
Another great record , lots of lovely piano with a arcade of beats and kicks in Idm shape

Cheju - Scattered [ Electricwest Remix ]
I was listening to the last Cheju album , what i liked most about it , was the Electricwest remix , fantastic piece of electronic music and better Idm.

Bop & Despot - Song About My Dog
Got my attention because of the tags of the record , Drum 'n Bass and Idm , i'm not gonna miss that one , hoping to year more from this guys if they follow this direction.

Flying Lotus - Visions of Violet 1
Another great mash of Steven Ellison aka Flylo , did you know that his great-aunt was Alice Coltrane ?

Damero Feat. Apparat - Passage to Silence
Apparat is probably the artist with more presences on mY Indie Soul , always welcome for more.

Padded Cell - Beautiful Gloom
One of my favorites records from 2008 .

Woolfy VS Projections - The Chase
Top Fav from last year , magisterial track , must listen .

Moderat - Porc#2
Apparat vs Modeselektor , my fav track from the album , funny think , the first track of the album also has that theory of machines sort of rambling bass ben frost type. To be honest i guess i expected a bit more of these gentleman.

Siriusmo - Nights Off
Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary aka Modeselektor have started a brand new label , Monkeytown Records , Siriusmo 6track ep is a warm up for a album debut later this year.

In Flagranti - Pick a Trick
Super track , fresh , has nothing to do with the rest of the album.

Das Bierbeben - Dunkle Tage
Recently released on Shitkatapult , really nice piece of album , entertaining and not boring at all.

Kap Bambino - Acid Eyes
The return of the bad ass , one thing is different , the pitch is lower witch is kinda strange.

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