Thursday 2 April 2009

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Reposting a post that Blogger deleted by mistake

Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | Apparat - Koax [ Ellen Allien mix ]
Mp3 | Bat For Lashes - Whats a Girl to Do [ Plaid mix ]
Mp3 | Battles - Tonto [ Four Tet mix ]
Mp3 | Booka Shade - Outskirts [ Trentemoller mix ]
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Same Sun [ Quantec Remake ]
Mp3 | Bumblebeez - Pump Up The Bass [ Ed Banger mix ]
Mp3 | Christian Vogel - Neon Underground
Mp3 | Fuck Buttons - Colours Move [ Mogwai mix ]
Mp3 | Marc Hellner - Asleep on the wing [ Telefon tel aviv mix ]
Mp3 | Red snapper - Brickred [ Subway mix ]
Mp3 | The Chap - They Have a Name [ Atlas Sound mix ]
Mp3 | The Knife - We Share Our Mothers Health [ Ratatat mix ]

Download Full Audiopleasures Mixtape

Excelent Drum n' Bass set by Noisia friday @ Melkweg Amsterdam

Watch | Noisia - Desolation

Moi and K , the Danish dynamite . lol

Hildur Gudnadóttir @ Paard van Troje
24 Apr Den Haag

A few weeks ago , Hildur Ingveldardóttir Gudnadóttir has released a magisterial record on Touch , my favorite of the year , not only a contender to best record of the year , but already an instant Contemporaneous Classic.

Its a must have and especially a must see , Im quite excited to see Hildur live in 4 weeks and to have the opportunity to ask her a few questions about " Without Sinking " and her marvelous Cello.

Mp3 | Hildur Gudnadottir - EruptingLight

Mountains is Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, friends since their middle school days. The duo were brought together by mutual artistic and musical interests, and both ended up at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. It was during this time that they began exchanging musical ideas and compositions which led to them founding the Apestaartje label in 1999. As their collaborations and individual projects blossomed, they decided to create Mountains as a vehicle for live performance.

A love of sculpting sound in front of an audience is at the heart of Mountains. The group’s third album, Choral, (their first self-titled release and second album Sewn were both on Apestaartje), is the culmination of their work to date and a balanced mix of the first two efforts. Mountains is often compared to artists such as Brian Eno and Fennesz citing their extended melodies and their unique broad guitar work. Mountains seamlessly blend pastoral electronic sounds with both field recordings and a plethora of acoustic instruments. The resulting soundscapes are broad in scope and rich in detail. The effect is incredibly sublime and hypnotic as the sounds slowly wrap themselves around each other and alter themselves in the mind of the listener. Choral is a uniquely soothing and addicting listening experience and an aural crazy quilt: warm and inviting with many details to discover and explore. Thrill Jockey

Mp3 | Mountains - Choral

Since early 2007 German-born initiator and founder of Erased Tapes Records, Robert Raths, has captured and released a wide spectrum of alternative pop music from neo-classical to IDM – picturesque, universally speaking music for people of all ages to dream to. To celebrate Erased Tapes’ first year of releases, label nights, tours and a now worldwide distribution network, the 10th release comes in form of a free Digital Download Code for a compilation album. The so-called DDC enables customers to download a selection of 11 songs from the Erased Tapes catalogue including exclusive remixes. Visit Erased Tapes and type in ‘MY–FREE–ERATP010’ for your personal copy.

10-20’s self titled album is a claustrophobic hulk of a release, constructed from parts of discarded machinery, short-circuiting currents of krautrock, broken hip hop structures, dense aquatic substreams and spectral elements, all of which are funnelled towards a single cohesive hypnotic pulse.

Based in devon, the coastal and elemental forces of the producer’s environment is evident in the scope of intricate sounds layered and woven into rough shorn textures, where only a filtered ghostly impression of club-land’s influence can be discerned within the resultant sound.

Mp3 | 10-20 - Arcadeagle

Instrumental rock music is experiencing a new peak in England. Codes In The Clouds, the quintet of Morahan, Peeling, Smith, Major and Power from Greater London/Kent have found a firm place in this vast growing post-rock scene.

With their harmonious and blissful sound they weave guitar melodies, liable to explode any minute. If you still can’t imagine intense music without vocals then you will be surprised how easily these boys will let you forget this prejudice. Energetic and charming at once, surprising and unpredictable at all times.

Paper Canyon video trailer shot at Camber Sands, UK in December 2008. Director: MacGregor. Producer: Mike Hedge. Concept: Robert Raths

Watch | Codes in the Clouds Teaser

A video for the halves song Tony Hart's Revenge Theme from their first EP

Watch | The Halves - Tony Hart's Revenge Theme

Trailer for Genevieve Anderson's puppet film based on the Bohumil Hrabal novella. Paul Giamatti contributed the voice of Hanta.

Watch | Too Loud a Solitude

So much class !

Watch | Sonic Youth - Reena

Mp3 | Bell X1 - Flame [ Chicken Lips mix ]
Mp3 | Crookers - What Up Y'all [ Dirty Disco Youth mix ]
Mp3 | Editors - Camera [ SebastiAn mix ]
Mp3 | Guns n Bombs - Riddle of Steel [ Para One mix]
Mp3 | Just a Band - We Are [ The Shoe mix ]
Mp3 | Kreeps - All I wanna do is break some hearts [ Boys Noise mix ]
Mp3 | M83 - Couleurs [ Jori Hulkkonnen mix ]
Mp3 | Peaches - Downtown [ Simian Mobile Disco mix ]
Mp3 | Shazam - Pool Party 2009 [ Headman mix ]
Mp3 | SPA - Pets Dance [ Steve Aoki mix ]
Mp3 | Tigerstrike - I Disappear [ Lapse Dub Mix ]

Download Full Let's Dance

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