Thursday 1 October 2009

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I met Zak two weeks ago two weeks ago during the Jordaan festival in Amsterdam , he was parked outside with is cigar car and i asked what was the think with the funny outfit.

Gum n Asbag , meaning super cool portable ashtray and gum paper , all for a green and clean environment , the best part is that the bags are a free offer from the Amsterdam city hall.

Zak and his cigarette car will be in the Audiopleasures 2nd anniversary @ the Schuim , stop for some videos and get a free Gum n Asbag

We approached Jon with the idea for arm-mounted cameras a few weeks before the show, and luckily he was up for it, so we broke out the power tools and set about making some mounts: After dissecting a couple of tripods and orthapaedic elbow supports, we had a solid platform for the miniature cameras.

We covered the gig with 5 cameras in total: 2 roving cameras, 1 static, and the 2 'lipstick' arm cameras that were wired into tape recorders at the back of the stage. The trickiest part was getting the cameras on and off Jon's arms whilst he continued to play as his set is more or less continuous..

Watch | Jon Hopkins - Insides [ Live at The ICA, London ]

9 is a computer animated short film by Shane Acker released in 2005 as a student project. Tim Burton saw the film and was so impressed by its artistic vision that he went on to produce a feature-length adaptation called 9 (2009), directed by Acker and distributed by Focus Features.

9 is a sentient rag doll who appears to be the last of his kind, living in the ruins of a decaying, post-apocalyptic Earth. He is first seen making simple constructs out of detritus - a swinging armature of scrap metal, an upright book with string tied around it, and a dummy rag doll full of tar, though the purpose behind these things is unclear. Wikipedia

Watch | 9

José Parlá is a Brooklyn based artist who was born in Miami Florida to Cuban exiles in the mid 70's. His journey into urban landscapes began in his teen years while exploring Miami Beach with his brother Rey. Over the years, José Parlá has developed a look and feel to his art that is, unmistakably his own, yet still beyond classification.
The intricate flowing layers of beautiful script, stacked collage, heavy textures, self-blended pigments, and who knows what else, are hypnotizing. Each piece tells a story that may never be fully revealed, which also creates the allure of the unknown within his work. Parlá describes his paintings as "Segmented Realities", in a way as if they exist before they actually reveal themselves on the canvas.

Read full story and interview @ Fecal Face

Amazing work of team Taxi Canada , Beautiful butterfly transformations represent the ever-changing content on the new

Watch | The new butterflies

Never ending creativity , could you picture 36 freebords going downhill in San Francico with tetris signs neon on their helmets.

Watch | Freebord Tetris

We set up a Boozoo Bajou remix competition for Boozoo Bajou SIGN and the winner gets the chance to be included in the upcoming Boozoo Bajou Remix album on Beatport. Fame guaranteed.

Just go Here and get the parts, they have also an online Sequenzer to use, check it out, it's wicked... K7

They are one of those groups that we never imagined we would have the chance to film. First, because, as they explained in New York magazine, they feel “very comfortable with each other, and much less so with other people;” in the past they have politely refused to do a Take Away show. Also, Yo la Tengo fly above the rest; they are the best of the best, they possess an almost fleeting mystery we’re not really sure we want to display.

Then the date arrived. For their last disc, it seemed that the Hoboken trio had decided to make an effort to communicate with the media after years of no interviews, sessions, barely any public presence at all. And to our great surprise, they decided to take part in a Take Away show. Perhaps some would not have dared to attempt to document such an epic band, but we could not refuse Yo la Tengo. I would not have slept for eighteen days... Blogotheque

Watch | Yo La Tengo a take a way show

The Prefab Parasite will populate the unused space found in urban landscapes. To achieve sustainable densification the dwelling attaches itself to blank building fabric found in the city. It grows on empty facades, rock faces and bridges. It finds value by turning dead public space into lively private space.

The Prefab Parasite is a parametric dwelling which incorporates many considerations into its flexible design. The facade reacts to orientation. The footprint can be wide or narrow depending on the site and always maintains its 36 square meters. The structural ribs are tuned to the exact building form using an algorithmic modeling system. The Prefab Parasite

Something suprisingly wicked and fresh , supa video for Cinnamon Chasers , from the album Miles From Home out on Modus Records .

Watch | Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe

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