Sunday 11 April 2010

Eskamon, Holy Fuck, Hamburger Eyes, Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang, Open Music, Kyke Leeper, Urban Abstract, Machinefabriek, Petra McCarthy

EPIC ! EPIC ! EPIC ! blew away what was left from my ears.

This is the first time im gonna mention the words Dub Step in this blog, it doesnt do anything for me and buzz around it is just to much.

The thing is that i love GLITCH and since Vladislav Delay invented it i never heard anything that would get remotly close, few month back an idea slide my litle thinking head, Dub Step vs Glitch could be an explosive mixture, drones and glitch thats a killer waiting to be created.

"ESKAMON is the new colaboration project between Amon Tobin (Ninja Tune) & Eskmo (Warp, Planet Mu, Ancestor). “Fine Objects” is the first single by the duo that’s set for release on Eskmo’s own imprint “Ancestor.” "

Listen to the first single "Fine Objects" sampler @ Eskamon

Oh yess, im so gonna be there

Mp3 | Holy Fuck - Latin America
Mp3 | Royksopp - Happy Up Here [ Holy Fuck Remix ]
Watch | They Shoot Music

Documentary about the photographers that put together the black and white photo zine Hamburger Eyes

Watch | Hamburger Eyes

Ive listened to the new Bonnie Prince Billy & Cairo gang "The Wonder Show Of The World" record for a week and im surrendered , his best since the 2006 "The Letting Go", its very sixties folk and at times it sounds a lot like Jefferson Airplane , Buffalo Springfield ... etc ...

Mp3 | Bonnie Prince Billy & the Cairo Gang – Play, Guitar, Play [ Conway Twitty Cover ] “non-LP Preview”

Launched in November 2008, OpenMusic is an open source music label run by musicians that operate from Brighton, UK.

We don’t believe in the conventional record label. OpenMusic’s objective is to release great music and sound projects from around the world, in a freel, share-friendly and re-distributable manner. We encourage you to redistribute individual tracks or whole releases via sharing links, Peer-to-Peer networks, MP3 Blogs and any other form you see fit, as long as you respect the rights of the respective Artists and follow the rules of the Creative Commons Sharing License. This is Open Music

Cool remixes from the Aussi producer Universe.

Mp3 | Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer [ Universe Remix ]
Mp3 | DCUP – To Be In Love [ Universe Remix ]

Awesome skateboarding by Etnies Kyke Leeper

Watch | It's Not Where You Go, It's How You Get There

"Urban Abstract is a journey across urban space that unfolds in forty, 5 second parts. The journey, in one, two and three dimensions, is a bit like abstract surfing in which the original destination is only reached after a number of seemingly random yet linked detours occur. Points , lines, planes and other abstract elements create a journey through an Urban Abstract." Jopsu Ramu

Watch | Urban Abstract

Free compilation album from Dutch electronic producer Machinefabriek,
18 exclusive tracks from ‘the old days’ 2001-2004, get it Here

Petra McCarthy unique abstract acrylic paintings.

"My work is deliberately located within the expressionistic tradition of abstract painting. A spontaneous type of organic abstraction is being explored but through a process of inversion. The formal concerns of colour and mark making are called into question and the surface disrupted and subverted through the specifics of the process of making and assembling" Petra McCarthy

Yesterday's 2nd annual BBQ
Westerpark Amsterdam

The noisiest bastards in Amsterdam,
Hank Disaster (Bon Sprit Amsterdam) vs Moi je Veux (Audiopleasures) @ Rock Legends, Club 21

Secret wars @
Sid Lee Gallery Amsterdam