Sunday 2 May 2010

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Audiopleasures moving to London !!!!!!

Amsterdam is a unique, epic, awesome and wonderful city and i will miss it for sure but at this moment i can't get easily surprised anymore, so i'm thinking, planning, hopping and dreaming on moving to London on the coming weeks/months, for the blog would be a awesome challenge, drown in that great city and track down inch by inch in all the things i love, Music, Art, Visuals, Photography, Design etc ...

Queens Day is a epic festivity in Amsterdam and also in whole country, the best weekend of the whole year, the city dresses in orange and there are tons and tons of parties everywhere, yesterday i arrived a bit late but in time for some kick ass time, there are stuff for all tastes and for all levels of insanity, Electro, House, Techno, Latin, Dub Step, Drum n Bass and Psy Trance in the streets, the free markets, the boats parade in the canals and a great spirit of friendship and happiness. "Long live the Queen" & " Make Queens Day not War "

Captain Zac also known in Amsterdam as the Asbakfiets man has a awesome donut shape boat, the only round boat with a a Barbeque in Amsterdam. So if you are in Amsterdam or coming here and fancy a super cool way to glide through de canals at the flavour of a kick ass Barbeque Cpt Zac is the answer. contact : ExZactly [at] gmx [dot] com

On May 8th, Sur Place takes off with the Bicycle Film Festival in Pathé Tuschinski. For the first time in Amsterdam! Presented by BFF in collaboration with Mediamatic.

Mediamatic organizes Sur Place, an exhibition about urban bike culture that will run from May 8th to August 22nd.
We will discover the origin of this vehicle and explore the culture surrounding it. There will be wonderful bikes, film manifestations, work shops and numerous events

M.I.A. new video and single "Born Free" generated a whole lot of buzz and controversy because of the explicit graphic political fuelled violence and nudity .

I was never a big fan of her, but i kinda like the song, the video was directed by French director Romain Gavras that have also directed "Stress" by Justice.

Watch | M.I.A. - Born Free

Headman as announced the release of a new album on his record label Relish, '1923' will have as guest The Beta Band and Yello.

Mp3 | Headman - Fluctuation [ Thee Loving Hand Remix aka Tim Goldsworthy ]

Another of my long tearm favorites The Books return with a new album. The new EP is called "The Way Out" and will be out this July on Temporary Residence.

Mp3 | The Books – Beautiful People

Undead Design by Andres Valerio from San Jose, Costa Rica

"An official autoKratz video featuring new single Kick and footage taken from the bands west coast USA tour in April 2010. Go to autokratz now where you can download the new single for free "

Watch | autoKratz - Kick (USA Tour Video)

"To Have & To Hold is a 'musicmentory' to celebrate the age of vinyl records...including interviews, fresh graphics and good music. Directed by Jony Lyle for Goosepimple Productions 2010."

Watch | To Have & To Hold

New single and very cool animated video by the Editors.

Watch | Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

"These Retrographs are the work of Jo Teeuwisse, a Historical Consultant in Amsterdam – and a master Retronaut. "

“Years ago I found some negatives in a fleamarket. I scanned them and put them online. I then found some of the spots in the photos and took pictures there.

"In the picture above, you can see a group of young factory workers posing probably outside the factory during the war. I cheated a little bit by removing some pots of flowers which are on the steps today…!"

"The next picture shows the SS Recruiting Office in Dam Square during the Occupation, across from the “Big” Club. Some great film footage exists of someone climbing onto the lower roof and smashing the SS windows with great force – and great pleasure"

More pictures via How to be a Retronaut