Wednesday 30 June 2010

Sleazefest 2010 Timboektoe Wijk aan Zee Review

Sleaze, Sleaze, Sleazefest was epicly insane, awesome music, great location and bad ass people all over the place

This year we were lucky with the weather, it was a gorgeous sunshiny day and we decided to for a 45 minutes walk on the beach from Wijk aan Zee to timboektoe were sleazefest took place.

Before turning on our sleazemotors, Docteur Muller, Miss De Rooy and i stopped in the lounge beach club Aloha for a couple of mojitos.

The first band that i really liked were the Amsterdam/Groningen duo Sixtyniners, Rock n Roll, Country, Punk and a great stage presence.
Miss Claudia Hek on drums, Sir Michiel Hoving on guitar and a guest double bass were simply irresistible and the first taste of real sleaziness

Sleaze devils ... Hell Yeah

The best band of the night wasn't even on the line up , these guys alone could case a riot all by themselves.
The Anomalys are a awesomeness trio from Amsterdam, epic shit Punk, Garage and they were all over the place, starting with the drummer that was breaking the shit out of the drums, put them in your agenda and go watch them live.
Straight into my favorite Dutch bands.

More sleazefest please.