Monday 2 May 2011

Queensday Amsterdam 2011

After 8 years i still get overwhelmed with the Queensday festivities in Amsterdam and the Orange madness , 2011 saw 1 million vibrating people around this gorgeous city and instead of previous editions this year i focused more on the little details and not so much on the canals extravaganza.
Queensday is the maximum expression of freedom, there are all sorts of free parties to all sorts of tastes everywhere on the streets, Amsterdamers come to the streets and sell their old goodies and you can make your own business for one day without having to pay any taxes, other just express their creativity and play music, make theater you will pretty much get totally mindblown with the stuff you find in the streets, my favorite part is The Jordan Quartet one of the finest in Amsterdam.
Queensday is better than Easter, New Years Eve and Christmas all together and for all these reasons Queen Bea rocks !!!

Friday Queensnight started in the Café The Minds with a Punk Street Party where i went to see the Amsterdam Sexy Blond Punk-Rockers Malle Pietje and the Bimbo's and it was freaking unbelievable, the stage was just a few inches from the street and there were tons of Punkers jumping around in their mosh rituals where cars, bikes and people where passing buy and i'm really surprised that no one got hit by a car because there were some serious idiots speeding beyond normality, only in Amsterdam for sure !!!

Watch | Malle Pietje and the Bimbos - Tienerhoer
Malle Pietje and the Bimbo's cult hit

Saturday afternon we went to the Jordan and crossed the Prinsengracht (Prince's Canal) were as expected i found lots of really cool stuff, just in the beginning were these super talented kids jamming like pros with the a true garage music spirit.

My friend Kirsten from Copenhagen all happy with her new dress that se bought on the street for something like 5 eur, her happiness soon would get torned apart when someone manage to steal her wallet with credit card, money etc ... lucky they didn't get the passport !!!

Queensdate was the most original idea from this year that i came across, for two eur you got a picture and you can leave your number and maybe you will get a phone call ...

In the middle of all that crowd we manage to found some of our friends !!!

Pepper the super sweet lady from Texas, Kirsten was a bit sick from the Sun and we had to make a stop, we asked Pepper to let Kirsten in her shop to take a rest and she offered a bed and while i waited i got two fresh glasses of wine to refuel, really cool lady isn't she ? Pepper runs a Pilates shop called Best Body in The Jordan go there and make her a visit cause she ROCKS !!!!

We kept our random walks across the Jordan and in one lucky stop i stumble on the amazing abstract Amsterdam based painter Tineke Storteboom , she as a pretty awesome studio filled with wonderful art, if you are in town go make her a visit !!!

Such a awesome sunny afternoon, just a few minutes after this stop i bumped into my French concert buddy Marie Tavera, very sweet and happy moment !!!

Very cute design and colorful way to protect your gadgets, unfortunately i forgot to ask more details but maybe i run into them again.

A less positive moment in this wonderful day, i heard some kick ass drum n bass tunes coming from the Stadsschouw in the Leidsplein and i wanna to take some pics and head bang for a bit but i wasn't aloud in ... unfortunately i have to say that i love Amsterdam but Amsterdam does not Love Audiopleasures, ive been blogging for 4 years and every single time i ask something for this people what i get is squat ... im over it and it doesn't bother me anymore.

Very promising Mc !!!!

Started on friday with Punk and finished saturday on one of my favorite Amsterdam hang outs the Pacific Park in the Westerpark, arrived late for the Local Spastics but got just in time for the awesome and powerful Gewapend Beton on this picture with the company of the Local Spastics lead singer that is just about to take a dive !!!

I guess that all for this year folks and all we have to do is wait for Queens Day 2012 !!!