Monday, 23 May 2011

Ty Segall @ London Calling 21 May Paradiso Amsterdam

It was my first live Ty Segall experience and i had mega expectations about it, just next door was playing Twin Shadow but i was so hyped that i couldn't wait and went to watch Ty's check sound cause Twin Shadow was ok but i needed more.

I heard before all about the noise brutality and hectiness from the San Francisco garage fuzzer shows, even before the beginning the small room from Paradiso was full of excitement that grow while Ty and team warm up with the first accords.

After the lift off signal was like a really fast tsunami that swept everybody that was in the room and it was loud, fun with loads of banging, raw electrifing riffs and explosive vocals, to bad that was so short and the room to freaking warm that i almost wondered if paradiso havent heard about air condiciones before ... moral of the story "Out of This World and the ultimate Garage Rocker".

After the concert i wanted to talk with Ty but the Paradise bouncers didn't let me pass cause i didn't have a press pass but with some luck and persistence a manage to tell Ty about my small time blog and he came for a chat with a lot of fans ... let me tell you super swell and friendly guy and nothing of stardust of vanity, a true garage rocker and after i manage after being a bit of pain to get the band together for a family photo ... my wishes are that soon Ty come back to Amsterdam but for another venue more proper for these type of sound and not the small paradiso room and with some decent bands to open for him as well.

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