Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wolf&Disaster presents:Le Loup et le Desastre+Mixtape1

Some call us the Beauty and the Beast, some call us the Rabbit and the Bear,we call ourselves Wolf&Disaster.
Miss Wolf is a Brazilian “vintage lover “columnist, Hank Disaster is a free lance storyteller.
We share a lot of things including: An apartment, a stuffed  teckel named Suzi,a hidden passion for Bryan Ferry,a food addiction and an eclectic collection of Vinyl…
We are very curious and always try to see the highlights of the interlope Amsterdam scene.
We’ll be providing you our: music,thoughts,likes and classics on Audiopleasures…Because Mr Martin is a fantastic host!

We start today with our first Mixtape: A lot of Soul, some hippies a Spy and …A bird.

See you around, it’s good to be home!



Shirley Bassey-"Goldfinger"
The Zombies-"Time of the season"
Ike and Tina Turner-"Poor Fool"
Sam Hawkins-"Come on baby"
Esther Phillips-"Wild Child"
Clarence Carter-"Slipped, Tripped and fell in love"
Edwin Starr-"S.O.S Stop on her sight"
Sam Cooke -"Chain Gang"
Nancy Sinatra-"Wishin' and Hopin'"
The Mama’s and the Papa’s-"Somebody groovy"
Messieurs Richard De Bordeaux Et Daniel Beretta -"La Drogue"
The Shotguns "900 miles from my home"
Gigliola Cinquetti "Zero in Amore"
Tom Jones "Day by Day"
Jacques Dutronc "Sur une nappe de restaurant"
Ted Taylor "Love is like a rambling rose"
Percy Sledge "Baby help me"
The Rivingtons "Bird is the word"