Sunday 13 July 2008

Let's Dance, Chloe, Vaznis, Whitey, Yellow Swans, Vladislav Delay, Kyle Cooper, Samuel Benchetrit , Lexus Hybrid Drive, Nanodesign

Mp3 | Superpitcher - Happiness [ Michael Mayer mix ]
Mp3 | Hot Chip - Boy From School [ Erol Alkan's mix ]
Mp3 | justus kohncke - Feuerland
Mp3 | Justice - Stress [ Auto mix ]
Mp3 | kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive [ Sebastian mix ]
Mp3 | Phonique & Die Elfen - The Red Dress [ Tiefschwarz mix ]
Mp3 | Goldfrapp - A&E [ Gui Boratto mix ]
Mp3 | Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive [ MSTRKRFT mix ]

Download full Let's Dance.rar

" The Waiting Room " - Kill the Dj - 2007
Electronic / Techno

After five years of sporadic releases on labels like Karat, Gomma and Bpitch Control, French DJ and producer Chloe Thevenin has finally got round to releasing her debut album. The Waiting Room is hardly the straight-forward dancefloor-centric enterprise you might have imagined, taking on all manner of semi-experimental production quirkiness, even throwing in a couple of interstitial tracks that sound like GRM experiments gone wrong. Although hardly the most sophisticated techno you're likely to hear, there's an undeniable charm to Chloe's ramshackle productions. Boomkat

Mp3 | Chloe - Brashov
Mp3 | Chloe - Over the Dose

" Tremulant Tympanum " - Wiseowl Records - 2008
Post - Rock / Experimental / Ambient

Vaznis debut album, Tremulant Tympanum, is tense and incredibly complex. Spacey guitar riffs coupled with glitchy beats and mutilated samples create an eerie atmosphere that surrounds you and draws you in.'s Scott Rothman called Tremulant Tympanum "...exactly the kind of sound experimental enthusiasts live for." Wiseowl Records

Mp3 | Vaznis - Humility
Mp3 | Vaznis - Black Babydoll

" The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is a Train " - Din Mak - 2006
Rock / Electro / Alternative

Whitey is a sort-of solo project by N.J Whitey. He collects books, grudges and enemies. Whitey is a hard character to pin down- his genre-twisting songs swing wildly between styles, and his dismissive attitude towards the music industry means there are few shows, and even fewer interviews. He has to date had no real record deal. Yet his distinctive sounds have broken through to mainstream daytime radio in the U.S and elsewhere, and for four straight years his music has been a fixture from rock clubs to fashion runways, from movie soundtracks to television, computer games to skate films. From Japan to Iceland, Moscow to Hollywood. Gradually this cult U.K artist is taking up permanent residence in the shadowy ground between high fashion and mainstream entertainment, between pop radio and whats left of the underground. An outsider who relishes this status, and celebrates this outsider ethos in his work. What else? He's from Coventry.

Mp3 | Whitey - Into the Limelight
Mp3 | Whitey - Nonstop

" Deterioration " - Modern Radio - 2008
Noise / Drone / Experimental

Yellow Swans make the kind of colossally heart-breaking noise that transforms any sober, regular hour you have in a day into some sort of warm, pressurized fever dream. Like a nap you didn’t expect to take, a nap where you dream about people you thought you’d lost, or about faint and slightly unnerving childhood memories. The kind of dream you wake up from and can still taste in your throat. Those already familiar with the duo, I would hope, know this firsthand.

“Deterioration” was originally a cassette only available for a few dates of a European tour. Like a majority of their releases, it is relatively hard to come by. But Modern Radio has given it a proper CD release, and so much the better, for it is certainly an excellent launching point for those uninitiated to the duo—me, included. And though I was bummed to learn that I would not likely be hearing any more from Pete Swanson and Gabriel Saloman’s Yellow Swans moniker, I am sure to be spending the next month or so searching all corners of the internet for the most limited of their releases as though sick with addiction John Ganiard - Foxy Digitalis

Mp3 | Yellow Swans - Dirty Heads
Mp3 | Yellow Swans - Reintegration

" The Four Quarters " - Humme - 2005
Electronic / Dub / Glitch

“Vladislav Delay continues to mine his much loved seam of dub fragranced minimalism, with a sound that seems to have really hit pay-dirt on new album ‘The Four Quarters’. Divided into four extended pieces, this full length has lightness of touch that genuinely defies belief; with Delay allowing the music to unfurl like an aural orchid in both the broadest of strokes and the finest of detail. Opening with (you guessed it brains!) ‘The First Quarter’, Delay initially shuffles into view through a gorgeously rousing blush of diffused atmospherics, onto which he slowly needles bubbling synths, star-bursts of fractured (but in no way imposing) vocals and a spectrum of beats that mine the tradition of his Basic Channel past perfectly. All that and we’re only four minutes in. Continuing in a similarly jaw-dropping style, Delay seems to have returned to the pinnacle of his Chain Reaction excursions, encouraging the listener to submerge ever further by offering half glimpsed aural edifices (some distant crowd noise here, a clutch of Arabic indebted instrumentation there) whilst always littering the foreground with enough pronounced intent to guarantee even the most casual listener will remain enraptured. ‘The Four Quarters’ is a record whose beauty and absolute depth really cannot be overstated.”Boomkat

Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - The Second Quarter
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - The Third Quarter

Kyle Cooper has directed and produced more than 150 film title sequences, Details magazine credited him with almost single-handedly revitalizing the main title sequence as an art form. He is the founder of two internationally recognized design and production companies, Prologue Films, launched in 2003, and Imaginary Forces in 1996. Prior to that he was creative director at R/Greenberg Associates in New York and then Los Angeles. Creativity magazine named Cooper one of the top 50 biggest and best thinkers and doers from the last 20 years of advertising and consumer culture. The New York Times Magazine called the title sequence he created for Se7en one of the most important design innovations of the 1990s. He holds the honorary title of Royal Designer for Industry from the Royal Society of Arts in London and is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. Cooper earned a M.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Yale School of Art, where he studied independently with Paul Rand.

Watch | Kyle Cooper Demo reel

Winner of the World Cinema Screenwriting Award at Sundance, Benchetrit’s second feature is an hilarious take on a crime caper involving a stocking mask and a run-down roadside cafeteria.

Watch | J'ai toujours rêvé d'être un gangster

Lexus Hybrid Drive - The main goal was to design a almost surreal surrounding in wich two energy Forces that symbolize the Hybrid technology will travel trough. As these two Lightshapes should fly over/inbetween an through different scenes, we decided to build the entire Landscapes in After Effects to have full control with the virtual camera following the lights. Particular was used to build up the Lightshapes and its trails. A custom script enabled the particles to have an natural irratic movement.

Watch | Lexus Hybrid Drive

Super motion design directed by GKASTER to Nanodesign

Watch | Nanodesign

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