Tuesday 17 February 2009

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Let's Lounge Blue Nature

Mp3 | Aim - Cold Water Music
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Under My Sensi [ Les Demons Flowers Mix ]
Mp3 | Charles Webster - Be no One
Mp3 | Coldcut - Rubaiyat
Mp3 | Eddy meets Yannah - Solid Ground [ Crazy P mix ]
Mp3 | Gryboy feat. Bart Davenport - Genevieve
Mp3 | Jazzanova - What a Women [ Instrumental ]
Mp3 | Kid Loco - shes my lover [ Bang Bang mix ]
Mp3 | Reeclose - Deeper Waters [ Frost & Wagner mix ]
Mp3 | Thunderball - On The Sly
Mp3 | Tosca - Orozco
Mp3 | Troublemakers - Get Misunderstood

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Watch | Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - "Aer Obama"

{Mary and Max} is unique. A claymation animation by Academy Award–winning filmmaker Adam Elliot (Harvie Krumpet), it tells the simple story of a 20-year pen-pal friendship between two very different people: Mary Dinkle, a chubby, lonely 8-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max Horowitz, a 44-year-old Jewish man, who is severely obese, suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, and lives an isolated life in New York City. It is very much a triumph of emotion, insight, and eccentricity—a complete delight.Animation's ability to capture the intricate complexity of life has never been on display in as absorbing fashion as with the storytelling of this Australian filmmaker, who truly makes you forget what you are watching.Sundance

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Directed by Anthony Dickenson ,produced by Pulse Films,(c) and (p) 2009 Because Music.

Watch | Kap Bambino - Red Sign

Eleven years in the making, Patti Smith: Dream of Life is a unique and intimate portrait of the renowned singer, songwriter, poet and activist. Patti Smith s music, poetry, and politics are fearless, funny, raw, and original.
Photographer- director Steven Sebring creates a beautiful collage of images, memories and performances illuminating the complexities and capturing the essence of this distinctive, legendary icon. The film follows Patti Smith s punk-icon roots in the 70s through the trials of daily life and untimely deaths that have formed her life and art. Smith tells the story of her early days in New York City, the people that we dearest to her (her late husband Fred Sonic Smith, Allen Ginsburg, Robert Mapplethorpe, and others), her family, and the political causes for which she so deeply struggled.
Through beautiful cinematography, (both black and white, and color), Sebring captures the essence nature of this vital and relevant American artist. Amazon

Watch | Patti Smith: Dream of Life

The international jury of the 52nd annual World Press Photo Contest selected a black and white image of American photographer Anthony Suau as World Press Foto of 2008

Video by Pavlov Medialab .

Watch | Planet Orange - Drip Drop Dripping


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