Friday 20 February 2009

Solitary Bench , Soundtrack

Solitary Bench by Teatro de Ciegos para Sordos

Would you believe that i found this picture because of Corto Maltese ?
There was i looking at a picture of a lonely bench , a struck of luck i thought , sometimes i find myself wondering around Amsterdam looking for empty spaces or just lonely things , i find them so attractive , its like they have a live of their own , outside our perception , they are so mysterious and i so badly want to enter that outer ring and drown on that imaginative and complex possibility.
Marta says she's not a photographer , i have to disagree , if u can transform something so vulgar , like a lonely bench in a empty park in such a strong statement , sometimes we all experience what is like to be a empty lonely bench , waiting for someone to seat and feel that its not only a empty bench after all , its full of live waiting to be understood.

Its not only Photography , it's art in is quintessential and honest .

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" Affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom " Jane Austen

Soundtrack for a Solitary Bench

Mp3 | Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - hymn to the idea of night
Mp3 | Eluvium - I will not forget
Mp3 | Fennesz - The Dead Perfume For Winter
Mp3 | Helios - Dragonfly Across An Ancient Sky
Mp3 | Jacaszek - Orszula
Mp3 | Julian Neto - VI (Featuring Keith Kenniff)
Mp3 | Lawrence English - Waves Sheer Light
Mp3 | Lost In Hildurness - growth
Mp3 | Pan American - Are You Ready
Mp3 | Set Fire to Flames - This Thing Between Us
Mp3 | The Beautiful Schizophonic - Music For Lonely People
Mp3 | The Dead Texan - Beatrice, Part Two

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