Sunday 10 May 2009

Let's Dance Arquives, Emmediesse, Balmorhea,E.T.A.,The Qemists,Quentin Shih,You fade to light, Beetnik,Florian, Christopher Hendryx,Duchess Says

Mp3 | Alexander Robotnick - Blue Electric Lines
Mp3 | Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass [ Black Strobe & Shy Child mix ]
Mp3 | Chromeo - Me and My Man
Mp3 | Codec & Flexor - Do what you want
Mp3 | Cut Copy - Going Nowhere
Mp3 | Felix da Housecat - Rocket Ride
Mp3 | Fischerspooner - Never Win [ Elektric Cowboy mix ]
Mp3 | Giant Robot - Taste of Love [ Suckerpunch mix ]
Mp3 | Headman - Running Into Time [ AutoKratz mix ]
Mp3 | Riot in Belgium - The Acid Never Lies [ Boys Noise mix ]
Mp3 | Telex - Moskow Diskow [ Carl Craig mix ]
Mp3 | Tiga - Far from Home [ Digitalism mix ]

Download full Let's Dance Arquives

I like the drawing, The drawing, The drawing. The People ....The mind, understand that what I am and what surrounds me. ...deepen....experiment...investigate....dreaming... THE COFFEE! A cool drink alone (drawing / writing)or in the company those with whom one can speak truly ..of all or nothing. The True Love in all its forms. The light of dusk and dawn. The night ... listen to the night and his strange silence. Draw the night. Things that case I find on the street. The people, some glances, gestures or details that affect me, communicate me or to make me curious... Draw the night. photographed, give moments, ideas. ....and making new round I would say draw...draw, draw and write with drawings... To tell, to tell me, to understand, to understand me, to describe, to express... or rather try to succeed in doing all this. emmediesse

Official music video for balmorhea's "remembrance" from their latest album "all is wild, all is silent" , Edited by david andrews.

Watch | Balmorhea - Remembrance

My name is Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen (born 1981) and I was the director/all-round-wrangler on this project. My first steps into computer graphics was on my first computer - An Amiga500 using Photon Paint when I was about 12 years old. Later i switched to an A1200 and started doing small animations in Deluxe Paint, Image FX and later 3D using Imagine. This was about the time I was introduced to the demoscene and met Michael and Søren before attending The Party 1995. From there I started to concentrate more and more on 3D animation and combining different scenes to use in wild demo competitions. It was about this time that I met Rasmus at a local computer party and found we had a shared love for Goa trance and electronic music. Henrik Clausen in the Animation Spotlight

Watch | E.T.A.

Kick ass drum n bass from the qemists , single taken from the album "Join The Q" out Feb 2nd 2009. Director - Nathan Seabrook .

Watch | The Qemists feat Jenna G - On The Run

“The Stranger In The Glass Box”.

Quentin Shih is a Chinese photographer based in Beijing, China, specializes in fine art, editorial, fashion and advertising photography.

rAndom International was commissioned by Royal Philips Electronics' Lumiblade division to create an interactive installation that unlocks the creative potential of their next generation OLED technology. With the opportunity to work with thousands of OLEDs straight from their lab, we started this project by creating "You fade to light", the worlds first OLED media wall. Fascinated by the beautiful mirror finish quality of the individual OLED modules we developed an installation that allows the viewer in front of it to engage with the light in a physical way. The wall is reflecting the person in front of it and then subtly fades their mirror image into light. rAndom International

Watch | You fade to light

Cool remixes by Beetnik

Mp3 | Kings Of Leon - Charmer [ Beetnik mix ]
Mp3 | Death In Vegas - Dirge [ Beetnik mix ]

This is Oxygen, produced at the Ringling College of Art + Design as my thesis for the department of Computer Animation.

As a recent graduate, I am hoping this film along with a number of effects I have done for other students will help me get a job doing vfx for film, tv, or games.

Visit my website at Particleart to see my reel and (not quite so fantastic as this) other work!

Watch | Christopher Hendryx - Oxygen

Two lovers meet one another on a bridge. All is well until tragedy rises from the water.

This Film was made using traditional cut-animation.
Everything is done under the camera, only some minor After Effects were added later.

This film was made in South Africa in a home studio. It took 3 months to make. We constructed a 1.2 meter high light box and mounted the camera above it.

Watch | Florian - The Stop Motion Animation

Duchess Says are landing in the Patronaat for a free concert next thursday.
They are from Canada , they make shit loads of noise and i voted on their last year album " Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs " , Audiopleasures top 10 albums of the year.

Mp3 | Duchess Says - La friche
Watch | Duchess Says - Ccut Up(Sessions Bande à part)

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