Sunday 24 May 2009

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Awesome compilation of work by Tobias Stretch.

Watch | Tobias Stretch Reel I

Video Tobias did for Radiohead track Weird Fishes

Watch | Radiohead - Weird Fishes

Houdini's Death Trap meets with the clebrated water-dunking game...
Parts of this music video were shot at speeds up to 1000 fps, with the Phantom Camera. Directed by: Jérémie Saindon.

Watch | We Are Wolves - Fight & Kiss

The long version of the showreel I made last year for the Störung Festival in Barcelona.
All the content was created using custom software I wrote in Java and Processing.

Watch | Simon Geilfus 2008 Showreel

Foals , Split Series produced by One Shot Seattle for La Blogothèque's Take-Away Shows/Concerts à Emporter. May, 2008

Watch | Foals - Red Socks Pugie
Watch | Foals - Olympic Airways

Jane Campion, winner of the Golden Palm in 1993 with The Piano, tells the story of the intense and passionate love affair between 23 year old English poet, John Keats (Ben Whishaw), and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish).

Watch | Bright Star by Jane Campion

Super cool animation and new video from psapp.
Psapp are known for their humour on stage, throwing cats (hand-made by the band) into the audience and their highly eclectic music videos.
Directed by Hauke Hilberg

Watch | Psapp - I Whant That

The early evening darkness had already descended on Austin when Juliette Lewis and her new band, the New Romantics arrived at Big Orange during the Friday night hours of the South By Southwest music festival in March. Lewis looked modestly fatigued, with an over-sized sun hat on, a short-cut belly shirt and jeans – nothing of which was synchronized by color or style – and it couldn’t have been a more fitting combination of attire for the free form, cultishly worshipped actress/musician. She informed us that she’d just begun to drink Guinness and after a long day of performing and press behind her new ensemble, the New Romantics, she was in need of some thick, brown beer spirits. There was no Guinness in the studio so she sought stuff out across the street at The Scoot Inn, where an official showcase was already underway in the dive-y environs.

Read and Download Juliette Session @ Daytrotter

As a large bird flies over many different lands, its falling feathers ignite a cruel chain of events upon the onlookers below. Animated with paper puppets, filmed with a $200 Flip Mino HD usb camera.

Watch | The Land Eaters

Kams , shrieker Rachel-Mary Callaghan sounds like the sort of person you wouldn't leave any of your loved ones alone with - sons or daughters, family pets, sweethearts or cherished elders. Most foolhardy of all would be to pair her up with your father, but that's what the lyrics to "Male Bonding" demand: to dance with daddy, to drugs with daddy, to bed with daddy, all to a vicious backbeat of post-punkish drums and guitar stabs, both of which are played by former Test Icicle Rory Atwell. The London quartet's debut album Spayed is full of such heart-shattering threats and is out now. Rcrdlbl

Mp3 | Kams - Male Bonding

Muzorama is a short 3D animation film based on the universe of french illustrator Muzo. Produce in 2008 with a six weeks production time.

Directed by Elsa Brehin, Raphaël Calamote, Mauro Carraro, Maxime Cazaux, Emilien Davaux, Laurent Monneron and Axel Tillement. Softwares used are Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

Siggraph 2009 official selection.

Watch | Muzorama

Visualizations for the New York Talk Exchange, a project by the Senseable City Lab at MIT.

New York Talk Exchange illustrates the global exchange of information in real time by visualizing volumes of long distance telephone and IP (Internet Protocol) data flowing between New York and cities around the world. Aaron Koblin

Watch | Globe Enconters

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