Friday 8 May 2009

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" The Uperside of the Down Syndrome "

From Today till 21 June , a selection of the 101 pictures taken from the book De Upside van Down of Dutch photographer , Eva Snoijink , will be in exhibit near the Stopera in Amsterdam.

" I made a book with a 101 portraits of children with Down syndrome, the photographs are accompanied by short texts written by the parents of these children.
By showing the pure innocence of the children I want to highlight the positive aspects of Down. In that way I’d like to invite future parents to think about what taking the test means, and help them make concious decisions about the possible results. With my photographs I’d like to make people think about love, about life, and about making the choices that shape our lives."

Watch | The Making of De Upside van Down

For more info on this project please visit :
De Upside van Down

As anounced by Matador Records , Sonic Youth will release their new album " The Ethernal " , somewhere in the Spring.

To warm up our ears here is a the first single free of charges , and a video .

Mp3 | Sonic Youth - Sacred Trickster
Watch | Sonic Youth - What We Know
Later... With Jools Holland

A video put together by Chris Ware for our spring 2009 event "This American Life -- Live!" -- in which Ira Glass hosts an actual episode of the radio program, performed onstage by some of our favorite contributors. Dan Savage, Starlee Kine, and Mike Birbiglia told stories; David Rakoff and Dave Hill conducted a ‘special investigation. Plus, additional visuals by Arthur Jones, and a very special appearance by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Watch | Quimby The Mouse

Greetings from Thrill Jockey Records! We are very happy to present to you, Beacons of Ancestorship, Tortoise's sixth full-length album and first release of new material in five years! The band has once again recast the mold and crafted an album that defies categorization and expectations and yet remains definitively the work of Tortoise. We hope you will take a listen and consider their new record for coverage in the coming months! It is out June 23rd on Thrill Jockey Records.

Mp3 | Tortoise - Prepare Your Coffin
Mp3 | Tortoise - High Class Slim Floatin' In

The young Gabrielle Chanel is the illegitimate daughter of a travelling salesman who learns to sew in a Catholic orphanage. She earns the nickname 'Coco' at a cabaret club where she is following her singing ambitions and it is also where she catches the eye of several high society gentlemen who would ignite her passion and become instrumental in the development of her remarkable career. Screenrush

Watch | Coco Avant Chanel

The seventh Kitsuné Maison compilation, the lucky one.

Kitsuné gets more and more professional, but stays as fresh and passionate as ever. With a constantly expanding network and always more news, discoveries, talents soon to blow-up, hopes, love, happiness and he-do-nism.

The Maison is not so much a withdrawal, but more of a welcoming space, open to all winds. There are newcomers but also loyalty, some artists are now firmly part of, not just the maison, but the Kitsuné family. Lately the bands from the Kitsuné Maison compilations have also started to play some collective shows together: Kitsuné En Vrai! (Kitsuné For Real!).

The Kitsuné sieve keeps on searching for gold and inevitably some mornings the discoveries put you in a good mood. So here’s already the seventh compilation, the one that strikes lucky.

“Kitsuné Maison 7” will be released June 9, 2009 on Kitsune.

Mp3 | Autokratz - Always More [ Yuksek mix ]

Swarm is one of eight interactive works selected for Re-ACT / Interactive Light Art – an exposition of art installations and objects, all with some form of built in interaction. In our case the position of people under the installation is used to attract a swarm of coloured light which travels through the sculpture. When no-one is engaged in direct playful interaction with the piece, it will start displaying its own decorative behaviour.

For the design of Swarm we made use of Blender and some custom built tools to generate the six meter wide swarm-like shape consisting of almost 500 elements. The control software was created in openFrameworks and uses flocking algorithms and computer vision to let the audience influence the light animations which fly through the sculpture.

Watch | Swarm

Cool Song and video from The Answering Machine .

Watch | The Answering Machine - Light Bulbs

" My mind is like a filter constantly translating the world around me. Everything catches my eye: bright orange traffic cones meandering between the street and the sidewalk; an enormous building sheathed in black mesh from top to bottom; duct tape adhering a handwritten sign to a newly polished subway tiled wall. These are all urban works in progress, part of the transitory, the ephemeral, and the makeshift. These are the environments we inhabit everyday . When experiencing my work I want the viewer to become aware of their own body, their own frailty and strength. I also want them to become sensitive to their desire to touch the work. At times the act of viewing itself becomes physically awkward or like a strange dance. " Diana Cooper

The Glass come with their first new single in over a year on Plant Music 12" and Digital.
No free stuff yet , but a cool video.

Watch | The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin'

Mp3 | Barletta - Fire and Gold
Mp3 | Deepak Sharma - Dieter Krause [ Cubik Original Mix ]
Mp3 | Dirty Projectors And David Byrne - Ambulance Man
Mp3 | Grafton Primary -Allstars [ CIS mix ]
Mp3 | Gravious - Worldoftomorrow
Mp3 | Nickodemus - Sunchildren
Mp3 | Peaches - Mommy Complex [ Barletta & Ernold Sane mix ]
Mp3 | The Honey Brothers - Demonstration
Mp3 | Thot - Ortie [ Emotional Spy mix ]
Mp3 | Twiggy Frostbite - Thrown in Two

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