Saturday 6 June 2009

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Wijk aan Zee

Exciting and busy times , been totally hectic and with no time to blog in the last two weeks.
Next October Audiopleasures will be 2 years, to celebrate this date im organizing a free and open door audiovisual weekend in Amsterdam , the event will take place in the Schuim , super cool place in the heart of this awesome city.
We will be screening the works of some of our favorite video artists as well as awesome motion graphics and animation.
There will be a series of interviews to know more about the work of these fabulous people and projects.
For the opening day we have already confirmed the screening of the awesome Advanced Beauty.

At this moment im on the also on the look for the bands who are interested to play in Amsterdam , the dates will be 9/10/11 October , fell free to mail me .

Soon in Audiopleasures a interview with French critically acclaimed instrumental music and electronic musician Sylvain Chauveau.

The Future is Bright :-)

Lot's of free and cool stuff that landed on my mailbox in the past two weeks.

Mp3 | 2020 Soundsystem - Sliding Away [ Jonny D mix ]
Mp3 | Bibio - Ambivalence
Mp3 | Bodycode - What did you say
Mp3 | Brian Thomas - The Drop [ Kid Blue mix ]
Mp3 | Clark - Totems Flare
Mp3 | Dada Live - HappyHands & HappyFeet
Mp3 | Donny Hue and the Colors - Steps
Mp3 | Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream [ Lapse mix ]
Mp3 | John Roman - Wreck the Diskotek [ Barletta Edit ]
Mp3 | Lost Valentinos - Midnights [ Emperor Machine mix ]
Mp3 | NIYI - Amelia [ DJ Wool mix ]
Mp3 | Relentless - Mono Love
Mp3 | The Glass - Wanna Be Dancin' [ Radio Edit ]
Mp3 | The Honey Brothers - Demonstration
Mp3 | Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll [ Foulhouse mix ]
Mp3 | Zwolf - Soundtrack to imaginary film
Mp3 | 8rolek - Dogss (Metalo-Disco)

Three masters of the electronic medium; Francisco Lopez, John Wall and John Oswald will create new work in collaboration with the ensemble. Each of their work is characterised by a distinctive style, and a unique approach to sound. The fact that these composers work largely in a medium outside traditional notated music makes this project particularly interesting. The extreme techniques used by these composers in their electronic work will be transformed into the acoustic sound of the ensemble.

Whoever has experienced the concerts of Spanish composer Francisco Lopez, knows that he has a preference for blindfolding the audience in order to experience his subsonic sound world on a more primary level. Over the last twenty five years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world.

The British sample-composer John Wall makes collages from rock, jazz and classical music, where the source of the material is barely recognisable. Rather than focusing on the frantic juxtaposition of different sources, he fuses the snippets into organic flows of real music. The starting point for the collaboration with Ensemble MAE will be the work ‘Fractuur', which will be transformed and reworked into the colours of the ensemble through use of live electronics.

John Oswald is famous for his ‘Plunderphonics’, collages made entirely from other music, such as Michael Jackson, Elvis or Bruce Springsteen. He nearly always incorporates an electroacoustic element to his productions, focusing on metamorphosis and eclecticism realised from existing materials

Date: Amsterdam Tuesday June 9, 2009
Start time: 20:30

Paradiso Ensemble MAE

Brent Arnold (Brooklyn, NY, United States) , violoncelliste , composer & singer.
My music is experimental songs using amplified cello, voice, and effects (loops, distortion, etc). I incorporate sonic exploration, American & European folksong, improvisation, rock, South Asian and Middle Eastern melody, electronics, European classical, and more. My solo show has been compared to Imogen Heap, Andrew Bird, and Final Fantasy... but very original. More information is below.

I have worked with indie rockers Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney and Built to Spill, to electronicists Dj/rupture and Filastine, to pop artists like Lenny Kravitz, to experimentalists like Project W and Eyvind Kang and Degenerate Art Ensemble.

Occii Amsterdam 09 Jun -

Music video for Two Door Cinema Club. Director: Brian Philip Davis, Director of Photography / Grading: Ryan Kernaghan, Art Director: Anna McCaughtry

Watch | Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

New fantastic work from Maxim Zhestkov

Watch Modul

new video for Yeah Yeah Yeah's off their new album "It's Blitz!"

Watch | Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll

Ane Brun @ Daytrotter

In the entire canon of popular music’s many different forms of love songs, the best ones tend to come from the point of view of someone who just can’t make any fucking sense about why it went wrong. But, to be clear, this doesn’t include the songs that can sound ill-tempered or by someone holding a major gripe, someone unable to not feel completely and hopelessly wronged to a disturbing end. It’s the category that is filled by songs that still feel like the love that came before the fallout, of the time and the place where it all began, without malice and sullenness ever being a glimmer in either party’s flaming eyes. These remain as the tender declarations that they could have been in the middle of all the new romance, when time seemed to stand still and rush by like a dragster all at once. It’s the kind of spell that the blood gets put on it during this swooning process, where it’s hot and flooded with all of these odd new endorphins that take over the senses, start running the show and before anyone knows it, the plug’s been pulled and the comedown has already begun – and it’s in that moment of ill-configuration when these songs of loss and unabashed reflection are at their apex, when they are able to just get it all out there in an unprocessed, unedited plume.

Read more and download free Ane Brun session Here

The new music video for Fischerspooner's album Entertainment. Directed / Edited by Jason Cacioppo & Adam Dugas through Subvoyant. Director of photography Jason Cacioppo, imaged with RED ONE in New York City at the historic Performing Garage. DI color correction and RED services by Offhollywood, colorist Robbie Renfrow.

Watch | Fischerspooner - We Are Electric

After successful beta testing of NI Maschine CLP and New York rapper Kovas build a track from the scratch just using NI Urban Arsenal 2 - Kore Sound Pack. Watch the video and enjoy their global interaction.

Watch | Clp feat Kovas

The Auteurs is the fastest growing online destination for lovers of independent, foreign and classic film; an online cinema, anytime, anywhere. The Auteurs will give you the latest buzz from the Cannes Film Festival or a restored masterpiece personally chosen by Martin Scorsese (he's a member, too!). A social network that can let you find a visual gem that will definitely not be released in the local multiplex and allows you to find a girl in Tokyo who loves Kubrick (she actually exists, her name is Yuko and she’s into Wong Kar-Wai too…). The Auteurs invites you to watch, discover and discuss distinctive visionary films from all over the world.

Founded in 2007 by Efe Cakarel, The Auteurs is backed by Celluloid Dreams, The Criterion Collection and Costa Films, supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, and is the exclusive partner of The World Cinema Foundation. The Auteurs is based in Palo Alto, New York, Paris, and London.

Sounds like a great fun , i so wanna be there.

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