Sunday 14 June 2009

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Netbook Lounge Chair by Martin Ballendat

Mp3 | 9dw - Posse
Mp3 | Boozoo Bajou - Same Sun [ Prins Thomas Diskomiks ]
Mp3 | Bugge Wesseltoft - Eve Nin [ Les Gammas mix ]
Mp3 | Chateau Flight - Instant Replay
Mp3 | Curtis Mayfield - Do We Wap Is Strong In Here [ Ashley Beedle Re-Edit ]
Mp3 | Earl Zinger - who killed saturday night
Mp3 | Melvin Van Peebles - Sweetback's Theme
Mp3 | Micatone - Traces
Mp3 | Omni Trio - Renegade Snares [ Fould Play VIP Mix ]
Mp3 | Romanthony - $ luv
Mp3 | Season & Sygaire feat. Randolph Matthews - Cowboys & Angels
Mp3 | Truby Trio - Cruisin

Download full Let's Lounge

Hello World! is a large-scale audio visual installation comprised of thousands of unique video diaries gathered from the internet. The project is a meditation on the contemporary plight of democratic, participative media and the fundamental human desire to be heard.

On one hand, new media technologies like YouTube have enabled new speakers at an alarming rate. On the other hand, no new technologies have emerged that allow us to listen to all of these new public speakers. Each video consists of a single lone individual speaking candidly to a (potentially massive) imagined audience from a private space such as a bedroom, kitchen, or dorm room. The multi-channel sound composition glides between individuals and the group, allowing viewers to listen in on unique speakers or become immersed in the cacophony. Viewers are encouraged to dwell in the space.

Watch | Hello World! or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise

Philips Design has developed a series of dynamic garments as part of the ongoing SKIN exploration research into the area known as 'emotional sensing'. The garments, which are intended for demonstration purposes only, demonstrate how electronics can be incorporated into fabrics and garments in order to express the emotions and personality of the wearer.

The marvelously intricate wearable prototypes include 'Bubelle', a dress surrounded by a delicate 'bubble' illuminated by patterns that changed dependent on skin contact- and 'Frison', a body suit that reacts to being blown on by igniting a private constellation of tiny LEDs .

Watch | Probes; SKIN dresses

A short film by Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury and Isaiah Powers

It a thesis project for Jeremy Casper and Isaiah Powers BFA in animation.

Dried Up is a story about the character of a person who through opposition is true to his own belief and character. He does what he knows he must do to bring life to a town even though others tell him it is pointless.

Watch | Dried Up

My heart laid bare by Yi Zhou (35mm film and 3d animation). featuring charlotte gainsbourg; music by chester french. see more of yi zhou's work Here

Watch | My Heart Laid Bare

Music video produced and directed by Chic & Artistic

Watch | Dan Black - Symphonies

Super cool pouf's by Christien Meindertsma

The Limits of Control is the new movie from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Down by Law). The film is set in the striking and varied landscapes of contemporary Spain (both urban and otherwise). The location shoot there united the writer/director with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Paranoid Park).

Isaach De Bankolé stars in the lead role for Mr. Jarmusch; this marks the duos fourth collaboration over nearly two decades, following Night on Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and Coffee and Cigarettes. The Limits of Control also features several other actors with whom Mr. Jarmusch has previously worked, including Alex Descas, John Hurt, Youki Kudoh, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton; and actors new to his films, including Hiam Abbass, Gael García Bernal, Paz De La Huerta, Jean-François Stévenin, and Luis Tosar.

The Limits of Control is the story of a mysterious loner (played by Mr. De Bankolé), a stranger, whose activities remain meticulously outside the law. He is in the process of completing a job, yet he trusts no one, and his objectives are not initially divulged.

His journey, paradoxically both intently focused and dreamlike, takes him not only across Spain but also through his own consciousness. Imdb

Watch | The Limits Of Control

This NIGHTSEEING Map is representative of many noteworthy lighting design projects viewable by the public in New York City. Guidebooks to New York City dutifully recount the names of buildings, the details of structural engineering feats, and the intricacies of construction materials. While it may not be unusual for a tourist to point to a notable skyline tower and evoke the architect, how many can supply the name of the lighting designer responsible for bringing that building to light? This map showcases NYC’s illuminated buildings and the lighting designers responsible, from architectural masterpieces to the cutting edge, hip and night!

Whether you’re new to the city, a frequent visitor or a seasoned New Yorker, we hope you find this NIGHTSEEING Map to be a worthy companion as you explore the city. So, with guide in hand, enjoy New York City’s nightscapes from dusk to dawn. Ies Nyc

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