Sunday 28 June 2009

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Anne Taratiel

Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | Death From Above - Black History Month [ Alan Braxe & Fred Falke mix ]
Mp3 | Figurines - Hey Girl
Mp3 | Hot Chip - Boy From School [ Erol Alkans Rework ]
Mp3 | James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider
Mp3 | Karen O (Feat. Peaches) - Backass
Mp3 | Mikael Simpson - Koldt [ Lulu Rouge mix ]
Mp3 | Pony Hoax - She's On The Radio [ Radio mix ]
Mp3 | Robocop Kraus - All The Good Men
Mp3 | Starbuck - A Fool In Line
Mp3 | Sufjan Stevens - damascus
Mp3 | Tom Barman & Graig Ward - Magic Hour
Mp3 | UNKLE & Portishead - Coffeehouse Conversation [ Plaid Mix ]

Download Full Audiopleasures Mixtape

Created for Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, Stink Digital and Director Adam Berg deliver this interactive campaign for Philips new CINEMA 21:9 TV. The cinematic proportions of the display became the theme of this piece. Adam responded with an idea for an epic frozen moment cops and robbers shootout sequence.

This 2:19 film runs as an endless loop, allowing viewers to control their moves through the scene. The film also contains embedded hotspots, which, when triggered, give us a behind-the-scenes look at some of the shots. More info Here

Watch | Philips - Carousel

AutoKratz highly anticipated debut album "Animal" is out now in Europe (Kitsuné / Cooperative) and Japan (Kitsuné / Traffic).

First single from the album released worldwide on vinyl + digital on June 29th with remixes from Yuksek, Goshi Goshi, His Majesty André and Shadow Dancer.

Watch | autoKratz - Always More


AutoKratz and Kitsuné announce remix competition

Make a giant leap in your music career with the chance to remix autoKratz on Kitsuné records. To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated debut album from autoKratz ‘Animal’, the band invite you to remix the aggressive and impassioned ‘Can’t Get Enough,’ taken from the album. All info Here

Inspired on The Take-Away Shows from La Blogotheque , The Black Cab Sessions take artists on a cab ride around london while they play of one of their songs.

The project started in 2007 and here are a few pics from their shows.

Watch | Ane Brun , Beach House , Charlie Seim , Death Cab for Cutie , Grizzly Bear , The National

In a rare treat for developers at this year's WWDC, Apple is showcasing 20,000 of the most popular iPhone apps on a massive hyperwall built out of Cinema Displays -- one that pulses in sync with each and every App Store download.

The array, mounted on a wall inside San Francisco's Moscone Center West, is made up of twenty edge-to-edge 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays, each of which are powered by a Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. One eyewitness says the systems are pooled together in one large, monolithic black box.

Apple's intention with the grid is not just to show the popularity among developers of the App Store -- which has swelled to over 50,000 apps in total -- but to illustrate that many of the apps they publish are frequently downloaded. The company reminds WWDC attendees that 3,000 apps are downloaded every minute, guaranteeing that the influx of developers descending on San Francisco this week are very much in demand. Apple Insider

Watch | Apple Hyperwall

Peter Vogel is a pioneer in the field of interactive electronic sculpture. He was formally trained in physics, and has explored technology's intersection with dance, musical composition, and visual art since the late 1960s. Vogel's interest lies in both interactive and musical structures. The interactive sensitivity of his constructions utilizes photocells and microphones that react to spectators, creating an experience of seeing and hearing unique improvisations triggered by light and shadow. Merging form and function, the delicate electronic circuits in Vogel’s artworks are elegantly arranged. ©Peter Vogel, bitforms

Watch | Peter Vogel at Bitforms

Super cool blog , "Sci-Fi-O-Rama" , Art, Design & Illustration with a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Slant.

Paul Hoc is not a robot, he is a skater and like any skater he runs a program. Paul Hoc is a sensitive electronic being. Paul Hoc is not a printer, it wanders through the paper to write his own movement like a seismograph. Paul Hoc is an experiment conducted during the 2008 Saint Etienne International design biennial on the concept of traces. These traces will be his logbook.

Watch | Paul Hoc - Drawing Machine

What happened to your heart, baby ?
A film by arph , Image Maker from Paris.

Watch | Heartbreaker

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