Tuesday 8 December 2009

Human Rights Day 10 December 2009 , Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

" Heart that doesn't see doesn't get hurt "

Everyday when im going to work im tuned on the bbc worldwide , everyday i hear really horrendous news about atrocities that are committed on the world against innocent people , mass murders , bombs killing thousands of innocent people , child abuse , domestic violence , its outrageous , sometimes i have to shut it off , the sheer of violence and magnitude of the crimes that are perpetrated are just overwhelming.

The economic crash , the Mexican flew and the whole climate change has somehow let this violence epidemic pass unseen .

The question is why ? How can this thinks still happening ? is our conscience so used to this kind of news that we don't react anymore , or just the fact that is to the others that is happening.

There is no easy way of talking about this , i really fell sorry for this people , to live in a hell situation like that , maybe the really only way is to keep talking about this things to create awareness and hope things get better somehow.

I would like to send a message of hope to all human beings that have been stripped of their basic rights , to live in peace and to be able to choose and believe in whatever they want without being persecuted by people with no moral or conscience.

We are all stuck in the same planet and their is just one credit , why do we have to make so difficult ?

Tiago Martins
Bloggers Unite for Human Rights