Sunday 13 December 2009

Best 2009 Albums

Ive received a email from blogger in behave of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) , they say that this post contains illegal material , so i gently reply asking what was here illegal , so seams like no one really cares , so im reposting my 2009 fav albums.

Vladislav Delay
"Tummaa" - Leaf
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - Tummaa

My heart almost stopped when i heard that Valdislav Delay new album was out , i was so involved with his last two albums that naturally the expectations were very high.
I cant say that im disappointed with the record , its just that with "Tummaa" Vladislav turn into a more cooperative experience than previous works , the astral random blurs of intensity that were shattered all over "Whistleblower" were a bit gone .
Its a less sonic adventure , more instrument based creation , maybe less abstract but more complex , perhaps a melting point with a more futuristic approach with his jazz drumming background.

Hildur Gudnadottir
" Without Sinking " - Touch
Mp3 | Hildur Gudnadottir - Ascent

Hildur debut on touch records appeared quite early in the year and was one of the first that i knew would be on this list.
" Without Sinking " its a remarkable piece of instrumental music , what i like about it is the intensity that Hildur uses on the her cello , its a extraordinary journey full of soundscapes that describes the many hours Hildur spend cruising around the globe staring at the passing clouds.

Ben Frost
"By The Throat" - Bedroom Community
Mp3 | Ben Frost - Killshot

Another of my mega favorites , as soon as got my and on Ben Frost new album a ritual took place , lights off , headphones on , light a cigarette and may the force be with me . What did i expected ? naturally something on the lines of Theory of Machines , the first track bring back those happy sound memories , 10 sharp raiser blade slowly open the chest and my soul is free , like a hurricane flying at the speed of light , a thousand waves rapping thru the defensive shields of atlantis , what i love most about Ben's music is intensity and unpredictability full of high and low's , or you could be on the bottom of the ocean and jumped on a jet stream and in 38.5 seconds arriving at the Moon.

Soap & Skin
" Lovetune For Vacuum " Pias
Mp3 | Soap&Skin - Cynthia

The first time i heard Eighteen-year old Austrian Anja Plaschg didn't really caught my ear , was on a second accidental listening when "Cynthia" appeared on one of my playlists that Soap & Skin debut album became one instant favorite , its a dark , morbid and gothic record , the kind that would send someone to be burn alive for witchcraft , the piano and her voice combines for a explosive mixture.

The Bloody Beetroots
"Romborama" - Dim Mac
Mp3 | The Bloody Beetroots - Romborama (feat. All Leather)

The biggest bad ass dj duo in z planet , The Bloody Beetroots need no introduction but just for those who don't know them , they are Italian Bob Rifo and DJ Tommy Tea , together they turn the world up side down with this electro bang noise.
The mega highly anticipated record had one problem attach to it , were the mixes they made for other artists better than their originals ? The are equally awesome and may the noise be with them for a long time.

Danny Norbury
" Light in August " - Lacies
Mp3 | Danny Norbury - Light in August

Half joking half serious sometimes i say that if the men's body extension is the gun the women is the cello. I've been following as much as possible this apparent alternative ladies with cello movement , its all started with Julia Kent , Zoe Keating , Bela Emerson and Hildur Gudnadottir they all play in a very distinct way and when i heard Danny's cello i was absolute dazzled , it sounded a lot like Julia Kent sort of Post-Classic with is simplicity and harmonies , just if like you could combine Spring and Autumn in a pallet of sounds , the Simplicity and intensity of the cello with almost dreamy like piano splashes , Its just beautiful , there's no need to try to explain it , just listen and enjoy it

"Persona" - Type
Mp3 | Mokira - valla torg kraut

There was a huge buzz surrounding Andreas Tilliander album , if u could combine the likes of Vladislav Delay and Tim Hecker in a single album it would sound exactly like this. When you add all this elements with some brilliant looped dubs rambling bass into the equation a dazzling album is born.

Pan American
"White Bird" - Kranky
Mp3 | Pan American - both literally and figuratively

Pan American is Labradford guitarist Mark Nelson solo new album.
I think what attracts me to ambient music is that it gives me time to think about what im listening to , like a very imaginary encounter with the sounds that carry a very personal message , i get very close to these records , i love to listen to them when im on the train , it gives a idea of abstract time travel , a bit like Spielberg's close encounters.

Heather Woods Broderick
"From The Ground" - Preservation
Mp3 | Heather Woods Broderick - Left

I was completely by surprise with this record , was by pure accident that i heard it for the first time , when i look at the title i thought that was a collaboration between peter broderick and other musicians , actually turn out to be his sister debut. when i looked up on youtube and heard the first cords of wounded bird , it sounded just like Leonard Cohen soul , even more surprised after listening to the whole record , folk , drones and beautiful tones of cellos and piano , really magical , at same point ad this idea of something that could sound like the merge of New Orleans Belong and Swedish Ane Brun .

"Flashmob" - Different
Mp3 | Vitalic - Poison Lips

Vitalic triumphant return is a tribute to his fans that make the clubs vibrate every time he is in town.
There's not a lot to say , he has a formula that a lot of copy cat dj's and producers try to use but there is only one vitalic , this record was made for is fans and to make sure that we dance our shoes off.

Other 2009 listings

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - It's Blitz [Polydor]
Sonic Youth - The Eternal [Matador]
Mountains - Choral [Thrill Jockey]
Yuksek - Away from the sea [Barclay]
Moderat - Moderat [Bpitch]
Le Lendemain - Fires [Home Normal]
Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career [4AD]
Junior Boys - Begone Dull Care [Domino]
Pixeltan - Yamarena [DFA]
Radian - Chimeric [Thrill Jockey]
Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself [Bpitch]
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest [Warp]
Das Bierbeben - Das Bierbeben [Shitkatapult]
Vive la fete - Disque d'Or [Firme De Disque]
Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country [Kranly]
Barzin - Notes To An Absent Lover [Monotreme]
Atlas Sound - Logos [4AD]
Pj Harvey and John Parish - A Woman A Man Walked By [Island]
Yo La Tengo - Popular Songs [Matador]
The Slew - 100% [Ninja Tune]
The Flaming Lips - Embryonic [Warner Bros]
Fink - Sort Of Revolution [Ninja Tune]
Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg [Modular]

biggest diarrhea of 2009
The Killers - Are we human, or are we dancer? , gimme a break , get a live dudes

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