Monday 22 February 2010

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Asmita: State where the ego and the sense of individuality are completely transcended and there is only pure awareness.

Directed by Ryan Hooks and music by the Soft Spot

Watch | Asmita
Mp3 | Soft Spot - Asmita

Soft Spot are Sarah Kinlaw and Bryan Keller from Brooklyn New York , they are releasing their debut Lp and touring the Usa.

"Soft Spot is music to dance to and music to sit to, music to wake to and music to make love to. For as childhood ambitions once scribbled in crayon and existing only in daydreams, this product of two passionate hearts can only have the sweetest of fruits." Molly Would

Mp3 | Soft Spot - Half House
Watch | Soft Spot - Half House

Swedish band , The Radio Dep is releasing a new album "Clinging to a scheme" on Labrador Records in the coming month

"The band has combined the most unequalled components from their previous albums “Lesser matters” and “Pet grief” with soul guitars, P-funk, glittering, distorted synthesizers, cut/paste-beats, 70’s futuristic orchestra sounds and sounds you don't know what they are. Things you've never heard before. "Clinging to a scheme" is way beyond pleasing - it's absolutely breathtaking."

Mp3 | The Radio Dep - David
Mp3 | The Radio Dep - Heavens on Fire

Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam
Ari Marcopoulos - It might seem familiar
27 February 2010 until 16 June 2010

This spring Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam presents an exhibition by the Amsterdam-born photographer and filmmaker, Ari Marcopoulos. Marcopoulos (b. 1957, Amsterdam) set off for New York in 1979 and quickly became a significant documenter of alternative youth culture in America throughout the last three decades. Foam is showing work from his entire oeuvre, ranging from photos of the emerging hip-hop and downtown art scene in New York in the 1980s and the snowboard and skate culture in the 1990s, to frequent depictions of his own family in Northern California over the last ten years.

Marcopoulos’s work is characterized by a remarkable feeling of intimacy. Whether it concerns celebrities from the world of music or art, or his own family, he approaches his subjects in an intuitive manner and he always knows how to get close to the heart. His photos are direct, extremely personal and subtly structured. Recurrent themes are art, music, graffiti and the vulnerability of the human body. The exhibition shows a cross-section of his work from the last 30 years, varying from grainy black and white copies, monumental colour photos, videos, books and zines. Foam

Seventy-One Percent of Earth
A film by Ari Marcopoulos

Big wave surfers Grant "Twiggy" Baker, Brian Conley, Greg Long, Rusty Long,
Frank Solomon and Anthony Tashnick call for the creation of marine protected areas in our oceans, like national parks on land, in this film by Ari Marcopoulos, presented by NRDC

Watch | Seventy-One Percent of Earth

Video for Parisian duo Make the Girl Dance.

Watch | Make The Girl Dance - BABY BABY BABY!

Photography by Jessica Tremp

Born in 1981, Jessica grew up in Switzerland before moving to Melbourne at the age of 18. She has been scratching her creative itch through various mediums and having looked at the world through a view finder all her life, with or without a camera in hand, finally opened the floodgates on photography more seriously in the last few years. She has been published in magazines including ‘empty’ and the American ‘shots’ and has participated in various group shows. Her passion for creativity keeps growing into an obsession and constant desire for release.

Super Dutch drum n bass outfit Noisia has new EP "Machine Gun" and are on a extensive world tour , if they knock on your neighborhood dont miss it , its a real blast.

'Ma­chine Gun' is the first sin­gle off Nois­ia's forth­com­ing al­bum 'Split the Atom', re­leased April 5th.

Watch | Noisia - Machine Gun
Mp3 | Noisia - Invisible Studio Mix January 2010

ACID TEST: This groundbreaking NRDC documentary explores the startling phenomenon of ocean acidification, which may soon challenge marine life on a scale not seen for tens of millions of years. Featuring Sigourney Weaver.

for more info please visit Acid Test Movie

Watch | Acid Test

Long time favorites , Lali Puna is preparing the release on their new album " Our Inventions " out on Morr Music 02 April.

More than half a decade has elapsed since the release of Faking The Books, Lali Puna's third (and hitherto most recent) long-player, but the band's impact on the climate of electronic rock music remains palpable. Along with sister-group The Notwist, this Weilheim quartet have helped map out the musical landscape for modern, experimentally minded pop music, and Our Inventions finds Lali Puna continuing to push the frontiers of their medium. Along with sister-group The Notwist, this Weilheim quartet have helped map out the musical landscape for modern, experimentally minded pop music, and Our Inventions finds Lali Puna continuing to push the frontiers of their medium. Morr Music

Mp3 | Lali Puna - Remember

Very cool customized bags and robot shirts by Bruxelles based creative Art Director Mana

New We Have Band Video :), directed by Jul & Mat , debut album on April.

Watch | We Have Band - Divisive
Mp3 | We Have Band - Divisive [ DJ Mujava Edit ]

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA), in the very heart of Europe, attracts people and organisations from around the world. Since centuries, Amsterdam has been a hub for world trade. In the years to come, the local authorities will make a joint and critical effort to pro-mote the more intensive use of their territories.

To give international investors and companies a better opportunity of getting to know about all the possibilities of the area an unique experience was created. What in the old days used to be a model of the landscape from wood and foam, committed to stay in one spot, now became a digital interactive standalone application with a voiceover which allows delegations to travel around the world and show in easy access the look, feel and facts of AMA. Project on behalf of and in collaboration with INDG. Monkai

Watch | Amsterdam Metropolitan Area Experience

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