Tuesday 24 August 2010

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Dear Friends and readers, ive been so busy in the last weeks that can't seen to find the time to keep blogging, also i'm not so motivated with the blog its been 3 years and a new challenge is needed, can't really talk about it at the moment but after the summer holidays i will have some news for sure, Audiopleasures will never end but probably will work in a different system.

Next friday im going for two weeks of well deserved holidays to Portugal ... Ill be around Lisbon and Azeitão with some friends i've invited ...
i can fell the sun already ... in Holland the winter as arrived :(

upcoming gigs in Portugal

28 August, A night of frisky, horny, dirty, sleazy, noisy, sluty music
Moi Je Veux !!! ( Audiopleasures ) @ Clube Ferroviario Lisbon Sta Apolonia

Pocketwankers In Portugal
Electro, Indie, Trash, Punk, Garage, Psychobilly and other noisy shit
Moi Je Veux !!! ( Audiopleasures ) vs Hank Disaster ( Bon Esprit Amsterdam )
03 September @ Clube Ferroviario Lisbon
04 September @ Mama Rosa Setubal

Few month ago i send some pictures to the Subbacultcha indie Dutch zine and good music promoters project " After Midnight " , some of the pictures were selected on the first draft and later printed on a booklet, i was invited to the launch of the booklet in Amsterdam but the guys @ Subbacultcha decided to make something so cool that it wasn't cool at all ... half of the booklet was printed so dark that you couldn't see the pictures ... serious guys ... all you needed to do was to print the pictures because after all this was about pictures and not your sense of hype and fashion. my pictures on "After Midnight"

The wonderful friend Agnese Roda, researcher in musicology and a wine lover has her blog running and if you ask me is a kick ass idea ... Agnesa is interviewing expats in Amsterdam and surrounding with music and wine as the common denominator ... i was the first guest and we had a wonderful afternoon talking about the things we love and making some plans for the upcoming months ... cause we also Dj together ... the Riot Soundsystem ...
Please visit Agnese Roda Blog Musacolmuso

Speaking of friends, my new old flat mate Scotty "Evertonion" Bolton returned from his North American adventure ... as a tip ... Mr Bolton the Canadian winter was not to your brains ... in this pic with our kick ass friend from
Salt Lake City Utah Lizette Grigio that im expecting in Portugal next week

picture credit

Last weekend was one of the events that raised more expecations "Sail 2010",
i actually planed my holidays between Sail and the Cello Biennale.

"SAIL Amsterdam is the largest event in the Netherlands which is free to the public. In 2005 the event drew 1.8 million visitors, who gave SAIL Amsterdam 2005 high marks. SAIL Amsterdam 2010 will take place from Thursday 19 August to Monday 23 August 2010 on and around the IJ river.

SAIL's main attraction will be the impressive fleet of Tall Ships, sailing heritage craft, modern ships, naval ships and replicas. In addition to this, every day there will be a varying programme of all kinds of cultural and sports activities. The theme of SAIL 2010 is ‘a nautical encounter between the past, present and future’.

The idea behind SAIL Amsterdam originated during preparations for the celebration of Amsterdam's 700 years of existence in 1975."

We were very luck and caught a ride because Eve decided to make a break, anyway for 10 eur pp we got a kick ass view of the boats ...