Friday 10 February 2012

New : White Hex - Holiday

Simply breathtaking the sounds from White Hex, original from Australia and now based in Berlin, the "Tropical Goth" duo Jimi Kritzler and the intoxicating Tara Green make obscure and haunted post-punk with rumbling gorgeous bass and lush distortion lines, sexy beat rhythms reminiscent from Joy Division, Bauhaus and more recently the insane amount of freaking awesome Goth and Dark Synth Waves bands pouring a bit from everywhere, the best way to describe this in a actual context would be certainly joining some bands that passed this blog before like Tropic of Cancer, Pure X, HTRK, Troller and Sleep ∞ Over ... Splendid *****

White Hex debut "Heat" should be out in the summer and im quite excited about this.

Listen | White Hex - Holiday
Listen | White Hex - Stranger Love