Tuesday 14 February 2012

A day in Amsterdam : The Anomalys "Retox" videoshoot, Regal live at House of Rising

Few weeks ago received a sick invitation from the Amsterdam garage punkers The Anomalys to be part of the videoshoot for "Retox" the upcoming EP on Slovenly, the video filming took place in Amsterdam's NDSM island at a little place that used to be a underground hangout with some quite peculiar surroundings and decoration, the best way to describe the place is some sort of naval bunker and the place was so tiny but we manage pretty fine ... it was complete sickness, 6 or 7 takes from "Retox" and each one getting wilder and crazier than the previous one and with lots of free booze to warm up the spirits cause it was sooooo freaking cold, the video is coming out if im not mistaken 13 March and i can't wait to see it !!!!!

After the Retoxing sick afternoon went to Miguels place to have dinner with some local friends and the French garage rock band Regal on transit to a concert at The House of Rising ... Miguel is soon to be my flatmate cause after 4 years in Haarlem im finally moving to Amsterdam on the 15 March .. whop whop whop ...

REGAL was a freaking blast, the sound was far from perfect and the voice was like at the end of the tunnel but like i said to the guys "This is not a symphony", they played really tight, fast and loud, they used the minimum resources and made it fun for everyone inside ... a real tribute to a garage rock concert ... well done boys :)

Mercie to the Stephane Serra from "L'apero Du Patron" best French delicatessen in Amsterdam and for helping put up the gig for Regal ... and Mercie also to the girls behind the bar all perfect too ... and for everybody that came on a freaking freazing night THANK YOU !!!!!!