Sunday 29 July 2012

Sunday Beats : Strange Powers, Tinashe, Blood Diamonds feat Grimes, Blanck Mass, Holly Miranda, Black Strobe, Bow Church, Black Marble, Flying Lotus, Wool and Cerebral Vortex

After "Bijous Bijous" birthday party it was so sunny in the morning that we decided to have a after party in the Westerpark in Amsterdam, few beers later this dude appears out of nowhere and starts taking his clothes off and screaming into the sun "Im so depressed", after a while the dude disappeared. On our way back home we heard a lady screaming for help, guess what the same dude wanted to kill himself but probably changed his mind and he was hanging on the canal bridge all naked, we help him out and told him to go home and sleep. picture by Vicent Teen

Listen | Strange Powers - The Metro
Listen | Tinashe - Let You Love Me ( xxyyxx Remix)
Listen | Blood Diamonds feat Grimes - Phone Sex (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Listen | Blanck Mass - White Math
Listen | Holly Miranda - Slow Burn Treason (Jamie XX Edit)
Listen | Black Strobe - White Gospel Blues (Museum Remix)
Listen | Bow Church - Incantation
Listen | Black Marble - Pretender (The Kolour Kult Beach At Dusk Remix)
Listen | Flying Lotus - Between Friends
Listen | Wool & Cerebral Vortex - Erotic Dancer (B-Ju Remix)