Wednesday 26 September 2007

Christian Prommer @ Paradiso 29/09 Amsterdam

Munich born CHRISTIAN PROMMER is one of the finest producers and DJs in the German club music scene and far beyond. As a member of FAUNA FLASH (with ROLAND APPEL), TRÜBY TRIO (with RAINER TRÜBY and ROLAND APPEL) as well as VOOM:VOOM (together with PETER KRUDER and ROLAND APPEL) he is responsible for a multitude of album productions, 12inches and remixes which have often challanged the traditional borders between genres and even established whole new genres.

With releases on Compost Records and !K7 as well as countless DJ gigs throughout the world, CHRISTIAN PROMMER has undoubtedly built up a reputation which makes his name a constant mark of quality both in music and production technology.

Mp3 | Fauna Flash - Mother Nature
Mp3 | Voom Voom - Best Friend
Mp3 | Truby Trio - Cruisin


Fauna Flash
Voom Voom
Truby Trio

Audio Maze

Saturday 29 September @ Paradiso Amsterdam