Friday 21 September 2007


The long awaited Michael Mayer/Superpitcher hookup is finally with us, with both producers displaying chameleon-like qualities with a generic emphasis far removed from the pompous Maximalism both producers have been known for. The album sets the pace with the fabulous "The Art Of Letting Go", Supermayer laying their musical credentials bare with a quasi-discoid, ska-fuelled pop ditty stretched out to fill 5 and a half minutes of supremely catchy post modern sloganeering. There are nods to post punk, Scandinavian disco and even British indiepop littered throughout this opening gambit, with the rest of the album gradually exploring each of these primary facets in greater detail. "Us and Them", by contrast, is more teutonic, with echoes of both Kraftwerk and Trio's wondrous "Da Da Da" resonating through its robotic skank. "The Lonesome King" delivers lounge-pop par excellence, "Cocktails For Two" betrays a love of Sade's acceptable sort of MOR, while the number of short interludes dispersed throughout the album wouldn't have sounded out of place on the blissful kraut electronics of Roedelius or Harmonia. In short, "Save The World" is an ambitious, sprawling album deeply rooted in a love for pop music, something that's long been evident in Mayer's more enjoyable dj sets. Recommended.
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