Saturday 16 February 2008

Beach House - Devotion

We're practically three months from 2008-- it can't possibly be time to start discussing the most anticipated records of next year, can it? Guess so, 'cause here comes one now: Devotion, beauteous Baltimorean duo Beach House's follow-up their stellar eponymous debut of last year. The disc drops February 26 on Carpark Records, and the tracklist is available beyond the jump way down there. It includes a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Some Things Last a Long Time".

As they told us back in June, Devotion takes the comparatively busy "Master of None" as its sonic reference point, and Victoria sounds extra caffeinated this time out.

In other Beach House news, their debut LP is being issued on vinyl -- again! Having sold out of its initial run on Heart Break Beat Records, the label is re-pressing it on white vinyl, re-sticking it into deluxe jackets, and re-introducing it to crates in record stores the world over.

Mp3 | Beach House - Gila
Mp3 | Beach House - D.A.R.L.I.N.G.

Video | Beach House - Master of None


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