Thursday 28 February 2008

M83 - Saturdays = Youth (out april 2008)

M83 aka Anthony Gonzalez is back on duty with a brand new album: Saturdays=Youth to be released on April 15th on Mute. The very first single Couleurs is to be digitally out by February 26th including an exclusive remix by Jori Hulkkonen.

Couleurs sounds like a fulfilling first impression accelarating my positive expectations on the new album. Gonzalez who has worked with producers Ken Thomas (Sigur Rós, Sugarcubes, Cocteau Twins, Suede and Clinic) and Ewan Pearson (Tracey Thorn, The Rapture, and Ladytron) is heroicly fomenting the divine shoegazing feel seething out through the melodramatic noise density collapsed with the under cover soothing vocals. This is good!! Both summery and dark; moving and tranquillizing at the same time. Just like Ulrich Schnauss. It shall probably give you a moment to respectfully commemorate the Cocteau Twins whose spirit has enriched the music to touch our skin and inspired such great bands up to date.

Anthony Gonzalez seems to be quite excited with the new album and the new tour: "I'm really thrilled about going back to North America!” So we are!
You just get ready to be dazed and dive in this ethereal ocean called Couleurs.
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