Sunday 24 February 2008

mY Indie Soul # 21

Electronica | Experimental | IDM | Indie | Alternative | Post - Punk | Electro

Inspired on the pictures by Anne Sulikowski

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Apparat - komponent ( Telefon tel Aviv Mix )

Apparat is a German electronic musician (Sascha Ring) living in Berlin and one of the owners of Shitkatapult records. Starting out with dance floor-oriented techno, he later started to create ambient music and more recently became "more interested in designing sounds than beats". Recent music is closer to glitch or IDM, accompanied with classical string instruments and other sounds.

Morgan Packard - Mink Hills

Morgan Packard’s debut solo full-length, Airships Fill the Sky, finds him folding cello, accordion and saxophone into a decidedly digital context - involving fragmented elements of techno, house, breakbeat oriented microsound and post-ambient tendencies - retaining his acoustic sensibilities in earnest, while taking advantage of his long-time immersion in a variety of electronic genres. While he has further honed the melodic, textural meanderings from some of his past work, here, Packard returns to his rhythmic roots, and continues to filter his jazz and classical background through everything he does. Deftly using his self-made software techniques, he puts these pieces together with a view towards the hypnotic power of the loop, coupled with a distancing from it. Remembering its importance as the structural basis of a musical landscape which has influenced him, he allows his loops to take on new properties, evolving incrementally and moving further from their origins.

The Books - Smells Like Content

We started working together in 2000 while living as neighbors in Inwood, a small neighborhood at the very northern tip of Manhattan, regularly referred to as 'Upstate Manhattan' by New Yorkers. Over the next few years we moved around a lot but always kept the music going through the mail, and occasional recording sessions. Since 2002 we've settled our working studio in the Berkshire Mountains of North Adams, Massachusetts. We do all of our own sample collecting, composing, writing, recording, mixing, and mastering in our home studios using pc's running cheap software and the ragtag equipment that we've pieced together over the years. What you hear on our records is exactly how it left our hands, with no producer, engineers, or sweetening in between. We are completely independent, beholden to no corporations and we have funded all of our music entirely ourselves

Patrick Watson - Mr. Tom

Patrick Watson (born 1979) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, and the name of the band that he fronts, whose blend of cabaret pop and classical music influences with indie rock has been compared to Rufus Wainwright[1] and Jeff Buckley.

Born in California but raised in Hudson, Quebec, Watson attended Lower Canada College. He began his musical career in high school as a member of the ska band Gangster Politics. He subsequently left the band, and released his own solo debut, Waterproof9, in 2001.

He has toured with John Cale, The Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin, The Dears, Feist and James Brown.
He co-wrote and performed on several songs on The Cinematic Orchestra's 2007 album Ma Fleur including the opening track "To Build a Home". His "Missing You" remix of Champion's "Guy Doune", from Champion's 2006 album The Remix Album, reached #1 on CBC Radio 3's R3-30 chart in early 2007.

James Yorkston - Woozy With Cider (Original Version)

Born and brought up in a house in Kingsbarns, Fife in 1971, Yorkston lived in Edinburgh for many years, before returning to the East Neuk. He started out as bassist for punk band Huckleberry who recorded a number of independently released records. In 1996 he played his first acoustic concert as support for Bert Jansch following a recommendation by a friend. In 2000 he recorded a demo tape under the name J. Wright Presents which was played by John Peel and led to him securing a support slot with John Martyn. The same year he released his debut single Moving up Country on the independent label Bad Jazz.

Subsequently he signed to Domino Records, recording music with a number of friends and associates credited as The Athletes on his records. None of them, however, are actually athletes; indeed, the accordion player - the renowned Scottish musician Reuben Taylor - has been seen smoking a pipe. James Yorkston is an associate of the group of musicians working as the Fence Collective, having worked with members of the group both live and on record.

Ane Brun - Wooden Body

Ane started her musical career fairly late. It wasn't until she had turned 21 she took up acoustic guitar. Her first official live appearances were on 1998 on the streets of Barcelona and San Sebastian playing to anyone who would listen.

After this corner had been turned she returned to Norway but now moving to Bergen. She started composing her own material and for a while she joined the Norwegian band Damsels in Distress. In 2000 Ane moved to Stockholm and started really venturing out on her own, set on making a living of performing her music live. She has worked together with several other artists, such as Norwegian popgroup a-ha, Ron Sexsmith, Madrugada and Koop.

Antony And the Johnsons - Man Is the

Antony's second full-length album, 2005's I Am a Bird Now, was greeted with positive reviews and significantly more mainstream attention, winning the Mercury Music Prize for the best album of 2005. Rival Mercury nominees, and favourites for the prize, the Kaiser Chiefs suggested that Antony got in on a technicality; despite the fact he was born in the United Kingdom he spent much of his time in the US - although they later apologised for the suggestion that he wasn't a deserving winner.

Fink - little Blue Mailbox

“With the last album, I was very conscious about making my emotions public, and it crossed my mind that I may have had a problem taking that forward. At first, I hoped my writing would become more abstract, in that I would be able to imagine scenarios and write about them, but I think that writing from real experience has to come from the heart, and that’s what people relate to. It’s not that I’m unlucky in love or anything,” he adds, laughing, “I just think that you go through so much when a relationship breaks down that there may be a song for each tiny nuance of emotion that you feel.” There’s a pause, as Fink takes a long drag on his cigarette, “Maybe I just think too hard.”

Autolux - Capital Kind of Strain

Los Angeles noise trio Autolux formed in 2000. Singer/bassist Eugene Goreshter met ex-Ednaswap drummer Carla Azar while collaborating on the score for Dario Fo's play Accidental Death of an Anarchist, and following the addition of former Failure guitarist Greg Edwards, the group made its live debut that summer at the noted L.A. area club the Silverlake Lounge. Upon releasing the self-produced EP Demonstration in the spring of 2001, Autolux signed with producer T-Bone Burnett's fledgling DMX label and began writing material for their upcoming debut LP -- however, in May 2002 Azar fell from a stage and shattered her elbow, making a complete recovery following an experimental surgery that required the implementation of eight titanium screws. At year's end the group finally entered the studio, and while recording wrapped in early 2003, Autolux spent more than a year refining the final mix and Future Perfect did not hit retail until October 2004. Tours in support of the Secret Machines and Nine Inch Nails followed, as did an appearance on the Vincent Gallo-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival.

Sonic Youth - Tokyo Eye
One of my all time favorites , there more concern with their music than stardust.

Nine Inch Nails - Hand That Feeds ( Dfa mix )

Nine Inch Nails has influenced many newer artists, which according to Reznor range from "generic imitations" dating from NIN's initial success to younger bands echoing his style in a "truer, less imitative way." Following the release of The Downward Spiral, mainstream artists began to take notice of Nine Inch Nails' influence: David Bowie compared NIN's impact to that of The Velvet Underground. In 1997, Reznor appeared in Time magazine's list of the year's most influential people, and Spin magazine described him as "the most vital artist in music." The RIAA certified sales for 10.5 million units of the band's albums in the United States, which accounts for roughly half of the band's reported sales worldwide. Bob Ezrin, producer for Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, and Peter Gabriel, described Reznor in 2007 as a "true visionary" and advised aspiring artists to take note of his no-compromise attitude. During a rare appearance at the Kerrang! Awards in London that year, Nine Inch Nails accepted the Kerrang! Icon, honoring the band's long-standing influence on rock music.

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus ( Boys Noise Mix )

Depeche Mode's origins can be traced back to 1977, when Vince Clarke and Andrew Fletcher formed a band called No Romance in China, with Clarke on vocals/guitar and Fletcher on bass. In 1979, Clarke played guitar in an "Ultravox rip-off band", The Plan, with school friends Robert Marlow (vocals) and Paul Langwith (drums). In 1978–79, Gore played in an acoustic duo, Norman and the Worms, with school friend Philip Burdett (who now sings on the folk circuit) on vocals and Gore on guitar. In 1979, Marlow, Gore, Clarke and friend Paul Redmond formed a band called The French Look, Marlow on vocals/keyboards, Gore on guitar, Clarke and Redmond on keyboards. In March 1980, Clarke, Gore and Fletcher formed a band called Composition of Sound, with Clarke on vocals/guitar, Gore on keyboards and Fletcher on bass. The French Look and Composition of Sound once played live together in June 1980 at St. Nicholas School Youth Club in Southend-on-sea, Essex.

Soon after the formation of Composition of Sound, Clarke and Fletcher switched to synthesizers, working odd jobs, including carpentry, to buy them, or borrowing them from friends. Dave Gahan joined the band in 1980 after Clarke heard him perform at a local scout-hut jam session, crooning to a rendition of David Bowie's "Heroes", and Depeche Mode were born. When explaining the choice for the new name (taken from a French fashion magazine, Dépêche mode) Martin Gore has said,

“ It means hurried fashion or fashion dispatch. I like the sound of that. ”

Anne Sulikowski

The Presets - I Go Hard I Go Home (Ascii Disko Mix )

The Presets are a Sydney-based electronic duo, consisting of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes. In September 2005 they released their debut album, Beams, to positive critical response. That same year Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes also toured with The Dissociatives, which is co-fronted by Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Australian dance producer Paul Mac. Johns also played guitar on Presets single "Cookie". Hamilton and Moyes are also members of Sydney instrumental group Prop.