Sunday 28 September 2008

Junior Boys Dj Set @ Paradiso

Junior Boys dj Set @ Paradiso
Amsterdam 10 October - 24H00

Junior Boys defy any easy equation of pop or dance, joining a long tradition of sonically rich pop that unites emotionally charged songcraft with experimental genres (eg - New Order, Beach Boys). Just as Luomo redefined house, mixing dub, electronica and vocals, this is breaks new ground for electro-pop, blending heart felt vocals with a production style that owes a debt to artists as varied as Timbaland, Todd Edwards, Fennesz and the Basic Channel school. In short, it reflects early 80s pop history back through the styles of contemporary dance. They formed somewhere around 1999 in Hamilton, Canada, the same town that brought us Manitoba and Kieran '4Tet' Hebden’s text label.

Mp3 | Junior Boys - No Kinda Man
Mp3 | Junior Boys - No Kinda Man [ Chloe mix ]
Mp3 | Junior Boys - Double Shadow
Mp3 | Junior Boys - In the Morning
Mp3 | Junior Boys - In the Morning [ Alex Smoke mix ]
Mp3 | Junior Boys - The Equalizer [ Morgan Geist Graphic mix ]

" Body Language Six " - Get Physical - 2008
Electro / House

A most agreeable mix from Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus, finding them stretching beyond the cosy confines of their electronic pop universe, setting foot firmly in club land. On the heels of M.A.N.D.Y. and Chateau Flight the duo deliver a selection of mostly contemporary tracks from artists like Supermayer, Kelley Polar, Chloe and Matthew Dear. As is the law nowadays, the mix begins with some advanced disco revisions, on this occasion from Prins Thomas, who remixes Sorcerer's 'Surfing At Midnight', a lightly funky guitar and synth jam which sets things off trepidatiously, setting a course for a slow linear build-up that finally swells into a solid electropop thump by the time we reach DJ Hell's remix of Chelonis R. Jones' 'Deer In The Headlights'. After some synth-heavy workouts from Kelley Polar ('Rosenband' as remixed by Magic Tim) and Steadycam ('In The Moog For Love') Radio Slave's 'Screaming Hands' (as remixed by Cosmo Vitelli) reveals itself as an outright mid-set highlight, with a sophisticated spacious mix. The disc's final quarter gets under way with an exclusive new Junior Boys cut, 'No Kinda Man', which takes the duo's pop sensibilities into a slightly darker, more pensive realm than you might ordinarily expect. Great stuff though. Parisian DJ favourite Chloe crops up twice before the end of the mix, first remixing Rework's 'Love Love Love Yeah' into a dark, roomy spook fest, only to be further represented by the lovely, noir-tinged 'Be Kind To Me', lifted from her The Waiting Room LP. A fine selection indeed. Boomkat

Mp3 | Body Language Six - Mixed by Junior Boys