Wednesday 29 October 2008

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Mp3 | Alex Gopher - Belmondo [ Just A Band mix ]
Mp3 | Bomb the Bass - Black River [ Gui Borrato mix ]
Mp3 | Daft Punk - Something About Us [ EASTAR mix ]
Mp3 | Foals - Olympic Airways [ Ewan Pearson's mix ]
Mp3 | Ian Pooley - Chord Memory [ Daft Punk mix ]
Mp3 | Johannes Heil & Extrawelt - Erdbeerfeld
Mp3 | Lindstrom - I Feel Space [ M.A.N.D.Y. mix ]
Mp3 | Moulinex - Breakchops [ GRUM mix ]
Mp3 | MSTRKRFT - Bounce [ The Bloody Beetroots mix ]
Mp3 | The Rapture - House of jealous lovers [ Morgan Geist mix ]
Mp3 | Yuksek - Everywhere In Town [ Cosmo Vitelli mix ]
Mp3 | Zombie Nation - Forza [ Housemeister mix ]

Download full Let's Dance

Woolfy Vs Projections
" The Astral Projections Of Starlight " Permanent Vacation - 2008
Disco / Dub

Los Angeles 1999 D- Hastie and Simon "Woolfy" James meet in a run down bar in downtown LA ..a pint? aayy a pint will do fine .. you make music , I make music , let's make music .. The two embarked on what's become an eight year adventure.
Their first release on Chicago's Guidance Recordings was Kingsburg , a track that's appeared on many compilations , including house legend Tony Humphries at Fabric. From there, the full length , Between Here & Now was released , which made serious waves on the electronic scene and put Projections on the map. The lads have become well known in Los Angeles for their knock down drag 'em out parties. Dropping a concoction of spaced-out house , dubbed disco , funk & beard rock. the dancefloors last forever. As well as Dj'ing , Projections keeps busy in many other projects such as the disco-rocker outfit Woolfy on Rong Records (NY) , and the supa heavy funk band Orgone on Ubiquity / Nuff Rope Records (CA/UK). Projections and Woolfy has recently released 12"s on Rong , which received heavy rotation by DFA frontman James Murphy and all the other bearded disco warriors. They also produced a remix for LCD Soundsytem together with dj harvey for their latest single all my friends.

Mp3 | Woolfy VS Projections - The Chase
Mp3 | Woolfy VS Projections - Carry On

" Lower " - Make Mine Music - 2008
Ambient / Drone / Post-Rock

Olafur and Larus met by chance in iceland and exchanged some music before starting to improvise together on two electric guitars in the countryside of Iceland. The resault was the album Calder recorded on an analogue 4track tape machine. The album was self-released on Vogor Recordings in about 200 copies and sold at record stores in Reykjavik. In 2006 the UK based label Unlabel ddid release it officially as part of the it..s Series 52 and it was a limited release. Olafur and Larus have been working on new material on and off for the last 2-3 years, whenever they find time to meet up and record. In 2008 a new album is ready and will hopefully see it..s release worldwide late in 2008. The new material is more acoustically composed with mix of guitar drones and electronica.

Mp3 | Calder - vast
Mp3 | Calder - calc

" Treny " - Miasmah - 2008
Electronica / Experimental / Classical

Marsen Jules, Arvo Part, Zbigniew Preisner's soundtrack work for Krzysztof Kieslowski, Deaf Center, Max Richter, Erik Satie, Alberto Iglesias - if you are familiar and in awe of any or all of these names then this latest album on the exceptional Miasmah label will no doubt end up on your essential listening pile for the foreseeable future. Jacaszek has managed with "Treny" to assemble an album so heart-stoppingly beautiful and personal that we've been stunned into silence for its entire 55 minute duration. With string arrangements provided courtesy of Stefan Wesolowski, the foundations of the album are set with Cello and Violin painting fragile outlines coloured by subtle electronic manipulations, harp, piano and reduced, haunting operatic voices. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Michael Jacaszek doesn't make use of any samples, with everything on the album assembled by the musicians on hand (notably Maja Sieminska, Anja Smiszek-Wesolowska and Wesolowski and Jcaszek themselves) - and the subtle grandeur of the album is almost impossible to take in over one sitting, even if the impact is absolutely immediate.
We absolutely implore you to check this album out, one of the year's most important releases thus far. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE. Boomkat

Mp3 | Jacaszek - Orszula
Mp3 | Jacaszek - Zal

Psychic Ills
" Dins " - The Social Registry - 2006
Psychedelic / Alternative / Experimental

The smirking paradox of almost all derivative music is that in a certain sense, the more you reference something, the easier it is to stand out or deviate from it. So when reaching for influences for Dins, the debut record from Brooklyn’s drone-rock up-and-comers Psychic Ills, it’s hard to reconcile the distinct stamp of Spacemen 3’s skuzzy ether or even My Bloody Valentine with Sonic Youth’s cavern of heavy petting and narcotics circa Evol; the former sounds are skyscrapers, the latter is a sewer, but both have a kind of stoned romanticism to them. Psychic Ills fall between, which makes a whole lot of sense: they’re a street-level band for street-level styles. Psychosexual Sonic Youth all of the sudden seems too murky and Spacemen 3 too religious to actually stalk the urban nocturne tints of Dins. Mike Powell
- Stylus Magasine

Mp3 | Psychic Ills - i knew my name
Mp3 | Psychic Ills - another day another night

Vladislav Delay
" Demo(n) Tracks " - Huume - 2004
Electronic / Dub / Glitch

There’s rarely any stabilizing rhythmic anchor. Instead the music perpetually meanders and drifts, a fluid beatless reverie of abrasive, industrial noise. Awareness of Delay’s jazz drumming background helps one to grapple with the album’s rootless, restless style, as it unfolds much like an improvised free jazz session minus the grounding propulsiveness of a rhythm section and with electronics taking the place of acoustic instruments. Another aspect that lessens its accessibility is its lack of nucleus. There’s no central instrument to act as a unifying presence throughout and around which the other instruments might constellate, and its absence is alienating. The tracks are mercurial and amoebic, their shapes ever-shifting and unresolved, the sound impressionistic, hazy, aquatic, sprawling, and sketchy. Brief moments of gentle calm are leavened by clamouring blasts as the tracks develop unpredictably.Stylus

Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - kotilainen
Mp3 | Vladislav Delay - kohmeessa alt.

Julia Kent and Barbara De Dominicis are Intermittenze , a experimental performance , totally unique and extemporary . The main aspect of this " Act " its is open-ended nature , its unpredictability. Cello , Electronics and voice interact together experimenting a possible communication with the visual element.

Watch | Intermittenze

Thanks to S.K. Silos

Advanced Beauty is an ongoing exploration of digital artworks born and influenced by sound, an ever-growing collaboration between programmers, artists, musicians, animators and architects.

Watch | Advanced Beauty Directed by Robert Seidel


We're currently working on the booklet for our next release,
A CROSS THE UNIVERSE (documentary + live) and would like it to be made only of images provided by fans (though if you hate justice but have good material it's OK).

Any fun (or dramatic) picture, image, or art related to justice ?
Please send them to (all documents provided must be copyright free).

Thank you,

So-Me, Gaspard & Xavier.

Watch | Justice - A Cross The Universe DVD Trailer

This clip for Glaswegian band Mogwai is a sweet celebration of metamorphosis and the grotesquely beautiful.
A woman's tears run down across a table, through a child's loop the loop road set, and become little white globes of the earth, teapots, bottles, salt and pepper shakers.

Watch | Mogwai - Friend of the Night

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