Sunday 14 December 2008

2008 Most bizarre personal experience , Kikas Message

Last wednesday was asleep when i got a message from kikas on my mobile , i woke up thinking that was the alarm clock.
Cool to get messages from kikas in the morning , got up , had my breakfast , got on my bike and when to the train station.

Then something quite strange happened , normally the train is at 06.45 , this time it was at 05.41 witch is not normal , i jumped on the train , when i was inside looked at my mobile to check the time , was 1.42

I was incredibly early to work , jumped out of the train on the next stop , unfortanly there was no trains back to Haarlem at that time , so i had to walk back , pick the bike and go back to bed , arrived home at 02.45 . lol