Saturday 13 December 2008

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P40 Articulated Chair

Mp3 | Blue Train - Give I Strength
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Mp3 | Dinah Washington - Is You Or Is You Aint My Baby [ Rae and Christian mix ]
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Mp3 | Dj Shadow - what does your soul look like
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While politicians, scientists and environmentalists debate the effects of global warming, an Inupiaq Eskimo community in northwest Alaska, just under the Arctic Circle, faces the real world consequences of climate change every day. The ice beneath the small Alaskan village of Shishmaref, on the island of Sarichef, is melting. Homes are falling into the ocean. The situation is so severe that it has been predicted that the entire village will disappear within the next 10 years. How can you move an entire way of life? And should these villagers go to the edges of a city, or retain their rural ways? Filmmaker Jan Louter captures the transience of the Inupiaq’s traditional way of life in the face of the collision of climate change, satellite television and mail order shopping. The icy landscape—its water, smoke, steam and sky—is beautifully photographed, as are the village’s inhabitants. Every frame is a poignant portrait. The film doesn’t present a barrage of facts and figures to make its point, instead giving the viewer entry into the issue of climate change by way of a third eye. We feel the loss, the pain and the sadness of the families as they realize that they will never recover a way of life being swallowed by the sea. Jacqueline Lyanga

Watch | The Last Days of Shishmaref

Iniciativa Colectiva

Watch | Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation [ Live ]

Timo Novotny labels his new project an experimental music documentary film, in a remix of the celebrated film Megacities (1997), a visually refined essay on the hidden faces of several world "megacities" by leading Austrian documentarist Michael Glawogger. Novotny complements 30 % of material taken straight from the film (and re-edited) with 70 % as yet unseen footage in which he blends original shots unused by Glawogger with his own sequences (shot by Megacities cameraman Wolfgang Thaler) from Tokyo. Alongside the Japanese metropolis, Life in Loops takes us right into the atmosphere of Mexico City, New York, Moscow and Bombay. This electrifying combination of fascinating film images and an equally compelling soundtrack from Sofa Surfers sets us off on a stunning audiovisual adventure across the continents. The film also makes an original contribution to the discussion on new trends in documentary filmmaking. Written by KARLOVY VARY IFF 2006

Watch | Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX)

Watch | Parov Stelar ft. Lilja Bloom - Shine

Watch | Nicola Conte - Kind Of Sunshine

Air War Magazine is a non-profit online interactive web magazine, created by web designer Michael Gramling (The Vintage Skeleton), showcasing and promoting the work of graphic/digital designers, illustrators, fashion/clothing designers, photographers and many types of artists.

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