Tuesday 9 December 2008

Ladies Night , Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson , Emiliana Torrini , AGF , Ursula Rucker

" Cocktail Night "Lori Earley

Mp3 | Cat Power - The Winter Wind [ Session Planet Claire 1998 ]
Mp3 | Coco Rosie - Good Friday
Mp3 | Diane Cluck - Reveller
Mp3 | Emiliana Torrini - Heart Stopper [ Session Planet Claire 2005 ]
Mp3 | Emilie Simon - Alicia
Mp3 | Feist - The Build Up [ Live at Park West 2006 ]
Mp3 | Mazzy Star - Blue Light [ Live Black Session 1993 ]
Mp3 | Nico - These Days
Mp3 | Nina Nastasia - superstar
Mp3 | Pj Harvey - Janet Johnny James [ Live at the Royal Court Theatre 2004 ]
Mp3 | Sayd the Shark - Joanne
Mp3 | Stina Nordenstan - I Dream of Jeannie

Download Full Ladies Night

Watch | Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson - Winter Song

Watch | Emiliana Torrini and The Weird Girls Project - Heard it All Before

A short music film made as a collaboration between UK director Ali Taylor, Icelandic musician Emiliana Torrini and Reykjavik art group The Weird Girls Project.

The track "Heard it All Before' comes from Emiliana Torrini's new album "Me and Armini". It was written by Emiliana Torrini and Dan Carey

Official Trailer for Reelblack's upcoming half hour documentary on Philadelphia-based poet Ursula Rucker. Film will make it's World Premiere at the 2008 Urbanworld Film Festival in New York City.

Watch | Ursula Rucker - Poet

" Dance Floor Drachen " Poemproducer - 2008
Electronic / Experimental

AGF aka ANTYE GREIE calls herself e-poetess or powerful poemproducer in lack of a better description. she works mainly as a vocalist. musician. producer. artist. since 1996 permanently based in berlin. she was born and raised in east germany. and developed an early interest for music and poetry and philosophy. recently. she is been exploring speech and spoken word into electronic music. sound installations. pop songs. calligraphy and in the world wide web.

Music is free! Floating in space

AGFs 5th solo album is a digital release in the format of a web application considering the value of music in the year 2008. It is an open call asking listeners to show personal appreciation for the music they experienced. Each download contains a visible counter.

For this record AGF experiments with voice recordings over simple beats, has implemented some forgotten ideas and has re-recorded pieces of her previous works.

Drachen is german for dragon - a legendary creature, a reptilian monster, possessing magical or spiritual qualities.

1. IF YOU key message of the album spoken by AGF on technoid 135 bpm
2. CONSIDER a one-shot composition with 6 samples in RADIAL , the lyrics gave the album the name
3. THAN RECONSIDER a song AGF wrote for LUOMO in 2001, it was never released
4. RIPPING THIS TRACK made of samples from a fight scene in a Hollywood movie which can not be revealed
5. FOR FREE edited field recordings of 9th avenue/ 14th street in NY / USA in March 2008 while child is sleeping
6. YOU MIGHT a remix of STILL KILL originally written for a movie by SUE.C
7. SLOWLY a remake of the song TUNESIA originally co-written by VLADISLAV DELAY
8. TURN IMPOTENT deeper layers of the body
9. (cause) THIS IS this is this is this is a crazy vocal recording on 130 bpm
10. REDUCED BEAUTY a remake of the ballad YOU STOP from the 2004 WESTERNIZATION COMPLETED album
11. FROM A NAZI STALINIST SUCCESSOR the poem-producer-technic resulting in abstract narritive

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