Sunday 14 December 2008

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Audiopleasures Mixtape

Mp3 | AGF and Vladislav Delay - Break Doors
Mp3 | B. Fleischmann - buzz
Mp3 | Bjork - Wanderlust [ Ratatat Mix ]
Mp3 | Can - Spoon [ Sonic Youth mix ]
Mp3 | Electric President - Ten Thousand Lines
Mp3 | Loka - Beginningless
Mp3 | Lymbyc Systym - Birds
Mp3 | Morton Valence - Bad Times for the hare Krishna
Mp3 | NonStop - Hydration Explosion
Mp3 | Outputmessage - Glintz
Mp3 | Parataxis - Atomos
Mp3 | The Long Lost - Woebegone [ Flying Lotus king cosby mix ]

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Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto
" Cender " - Touch - 2007
Ambient / Electronic

Cendre was recorded between 2004 and 2006 in New York City by Ryuichi Sakamoto and in Vienna by Christian Fennesz. They came together for the mix in New York City in February of that year. Fennesz would send Sakamoto a guitar or electronic track and Sakamoto would compose his piano piece. This process was also reversed - Sakamoto initiating the track with a piano composition and Fennesz responding. Meanwhile they met for live shows, or communicated via digital means to compare notes, swop ideas and develop themes... And the cyclical process continued right up until the final mix.

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christian Fennesz blend the unstructured and imaginative qualities of improvisation with the satisfying sculpture of composition. Sakamoto's piano, his style reminiscent of Debussy and Satie, perfectly complements Fennesz with his powerful blend of shimmering guitar and passionate electronics.

Together they have combined to create 11 tracks of satisfying and challenging possibilities... Touch

Mp3 | Christian Fennesz & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Oto

Tim Hecker
" Harmony in Ultraviolet " - Kranky 2006
Electronic / Ambient / IDM

Harmony in Ultraviolet is Tim Hecker's sixth album. It is a continuation of Hecker's interest in spectral communications, noise, impressionist musics, thresholds of listening pleasure/pain, and the limits of digital composition. This album is a significant development of his song-craft, challenging the usefulness of descriptors such as ambient, drone, metal, noise and even electronic music. If references are necessary it could be described as a sonata for the elements, songs of crackling embers, tidal pools, spruce skylines and autumn winds. Gerhard Richter's abstract paintings are also a fair orientation. Materially speaking, it is a record of whirring drones, whispering fissures, dense disintegrating chords, late-night noise and truth-telling harmonics. Yet this record follows no overarching process, no underlying narrative. It is both a homage for the Italian partigiani and also not at all. It is songs about ghost writing and midnight whispers but then again it isn't. In many ways this album can be viewed as a work of total destruction, embracing indeterminacy as an aesthetic ideal. Kranky

Mp3 | Tim Hecker - Dungeoneering

" Lemurian " - Deal Maker - 2008
Electronic / Downtempo / Beats

if you're into the whole Flying Lotus / Samiyam / Rustie / Lukid thing - this is just the ticket. Deriving its name from a lost, mythical continent, Lemurian has little to do with lost undersea cities and the like, although there is something ever so slightly fantastical about these heavily compressed instrumental hip hop productions and their evocative song titles: 'Lens Flare Lagoon' conjures up the glistening, watery effect suggested by its name, and 'Buried Coral Banks' has a Boards Of Canada-meets-Jacques Cousteau feel that's hard not to love. Incongruous with all this, interlude tracks like the gratuitous '80s soul sampling of 'Green Sea Pageant' steer the tone in a different direction, but divorced from the implied Jules Verne elements of it all, Lemurian makes for a sick collection of bass-heavy beats and quasi-ambient textures. Really good stuff - highly recommended! Boomkat

Mp3 | Lone - Banyan Drive

Anders Ilar
" Sworn " - Level - 2008
Electronic / Experimental / Techno

Anders Ilar from Sweden is definitely one of the world’s most versatile producer of electronic music today. From deep, frosty ambient scapes up to cold and academic abstractions Ilar seems to be able to produce everything. Like on the 12inch “Organza”, that was released on level records in 2006, Ilar’s fifth Full-length-release “Sworn”; has a mostly warm sound design, which fits perfectly with the label. The eight new tracks on Sworn have a romantic and sublime feel and combine a wide range of musical styles: you will find sparkling electronica, abstract IDM-ish parts and deep clubby tunes with slices of acid and Chicago house in it. Despite the many different influences the result is a very coherent one as everything is embraced by Ilar’s enigmatic and unique haze of sound. On “Sworn”, undoubtedly one of Ilar’s finest works to date, sophistication and blissfulness go hand in hand. The CD also includes three more highlights of Ilar’s and Level Records’ shared history - his outstanding contribution to the recent Level compilation „Top Ten“ and two tracks originally released on “Organza EP” in 2006 Level

Mp3 | Anders Liar - September Nights

MP3 | Daft Punk @ Coachela

Illustration by Johnnie Cluney

By happenstance a night or two ago, there was a network broadcast of “Santa Claus: The Movie,” the classic 1985 holiday vehicle starring David Huddleston (Kevin Arnold’s grandpa and the wealthy Jeffrey Lebowski) as Saint Nick, Harry and the Henderson’s John Lithgow and Dudley Moore, on the television. The post-dinner viewing, refresher course of this two-hour piece of cinema brought back many of the plot points that had been weakened in the memory in the years since. We bring this up today, in this essay about My Brightest Diamond, only for the similarities that sometimes come from the leftest fields when the restrictions are lax. Sean Moeller Daytrotter Read more Here

Mp3 | My Brighest Diamond @ Daytrotter [ Dec 2008 ]

Mp3 | Goldfrapp - Session Noir 2003

Xmen Origins: Wolverine, The OFFICIAL Trailer!

In this spin-off movie Logan struggles to find the secrets to his past.
Thanks to Charles's Xavier psychic powers Logan overcomes his mental barriers reaching his past life.
But the full truth of his origin is a far from being a gift: pain and loneliness once forgotten are awaken.
Logan remembers the role of Victor Creed (who will later become Sabertooth) in the death of his girlfriend, and how he ended up to the mutant Weapon X program which tried to transform him into a killing machine. Wolverine Blogspot

Watch | Xmen Origins: Wolverine

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