Monday 11 July 2011

Myscha Oréo Lighthart Photography Exhibition at Sample District Amsterdam

" Sampledistrict , a new underground style shop in Amsterdam, presents Myscha Oréo's latest photographic series devoted to Life.

The series of photos show Myscha Oréo's work of the last year featuring her travel photography in Asia and highlights from the projects she is and has been working on. Myscha Oréo has a singular vision that she relentlessly pursues. Her work often starts with an idea, a theme, a story, which she then purposely develops into a photo shoot. She controls all aspects of her work; styling, make-up, mise-en-scene, location- and model scouting... Myscha always has a close personal relationship with her models; something she feels is necessary to get to that directness, that inner core of life and soul that she seeks to grasp. Myscha Oréo finds her inspiration in Life and it is her dedication to “capture Life”.

Myscha wouldn’t have an exhibition without a line up of DJs. So get ready to have a fabulously blitz evening of art while listening and dancing the beats of these great DJs:

Date: August – October 2011
Opening: 22 July 16.00 – 22.00
Location: Kinkerstraat 68