Sunday 27 November 2011

mY Indie Soul # 46

mY Indie Soul # 46 : 2006-2010 ... A collection of cutting-edge experimental electronic music based on Field Recordings, Drones, Glitch, IDM and is the visualization of a Modern Dance company dancing over Jackson Pollock masterpieces.

mY Indie Soul # 46 is the fragmented concrete reality that hides the micro secret abstract language of the senses, is the evolution into sub-logic and subsequent pure-logic behavior, is a visionary answer to the puzzle between everything and nothing where perfect imperfections rule under logic, reason and common sense decapitated.

mY Indie Soul # 46 by Audiopleasures

Hannu - Universumin Tomu
Offthesky - Birds Eye View
Vladislav Delay - I saw a Polysexual
Morgan Packard - I Think I
Goblin Glasses - SFO
Tipper - whomi
Christian Fennesz & Rryuichi Sakamoto - Mono
David Sylvian feat. Christian Fennesz - Transit
George Michael - Freedom (Robert Lippok Feat. Caroline Thorpe remix)
Atom - Wellen und Felder ii
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker - hymn to the idea of night
Nils Frahm and Anne Muller - Show me your teeth
The Flashbulb - Once Weekly
Apparat - Steinholz (Monolake Remix)

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