Sunday 16 March 2008

Morgan Geist aka Metro Area @ Club 11

The first time i heard the sounds of Morgan Geist aka Metro Area , was probably more than 8 years ago , it was in the ADN bar in Setubal , Portugal , on that evening the German crew Spinning Wells were literally spinning very , very amazing sound , a lot of cranky German broken beats covered and layered with very fine electronics with electro approaches , the track that caught my attention was one that took me a quite few month to discover after that evening , i took a look at the deck , and i could see a label saying Metro Area. It sounded like a soundtrack out of Miami Vice with a lot of Barry White and Womack & Womack on it , fresh as a summer breeze on a hot desert day , drinking Marguerites and swimming with senhoritas.
The problem was , if you make a search on the internet looking for Metro Area , you will find everything but the Metro Area that you really need.

I used to listen to this radio show " Casa Bateria e Baixo " translating , House and Drum n' Bass by a quite famous Portuguese dj , Rui Vargas that so many night rocks my Nights in the Lux , a very fine place in the Lisbon night.

One afternoon while driving from Lisbon to Setubal , Bingo , just like a brain orgasm, the Metro Area thing was playing for the delightedness of my ears , easy , very easy an email for the guy and i would get my answer.

Two or three days later by randomly luckiness i meet the guy in the first Gotham Project concert in the Aula Magna , another very fine place for music listening in Lisbon , i asked him what Metro Area track he played that day , the answer clear as crystal as the say , Metro Area - Caught Up , Environ records.

On this side of the Atlantic , more precisely in Berlin was another follower of the Metro Area vibes , Daniel Paul , Sonar Kollektiv , with a delicious single , " Outta Space" with a awesome Volker Meitz dub remix. Daniel Paul turn in to Slope with the epic " " Para los Pinchas " " and after turned the page to something more electro jazzy freestyle.

Recently this Metro Area thing emerged again of the shadows with the excellent Canadians Junior Boys " So This is Goodbye " album. Double Shadow is just an extension of that super sweet Caught Up Track .

You will have to wait around 01 minute and 35 seconds of bleeps and bloops to get inside the sweetness of Caught Up.

Next Friday the 21 of March , Morgan Geist will be paired @ Club 11 Amsterdam with live kelley Polar [Environ] and Nuno dos Santos ( Compost Black )

Mp3 | Metro Area - Caught Up
Mp3 | Metro Area - Muira [ Maelstrom_Edit ]
Mp3 | Junior Boys - Double Shadow
Mp3 | Kelley Polar - Roseband

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