Sunday 23 March 2008

Karl OFF - Acoustic Camera

It’s at the beginning of the 90s that Olivier Désir aka Karl has begon to play on his first machines to produce several demos allying melodies and electronic experiments.

In the late 90s, he has met Cédric DeBruyn, they 've created « Pink Satellite » and quickly became one of the top performers of the belgian house scene. They played with Superdiscount, Llorca, Buscemi or Tom Middelton and performed "warm-up" for people like Royksopp or Air. Two years later, the duet left finally its second album called E-Closer, where the organic music mixed more with electronics. "St-Germain des Prés" will be extracted from it to open the second volume of the famous compilation of the same name.

Cédric established himself in the belgian scene as DJ while Olivier was creating another jazzy downtempo project called "Karl OFF".

It's always with the same idea to merge instruments and new technologies that Olivier turned himself to experimented jazz musicians to realize the studio version of his new project.
For this first album called "acoustic camera", he has worked with musicians like Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, Charles Loos, Felix Simtaine, Jan Kuijken, George Van Dam, ... .Karl combines classical instuments like doublebass, clarinet, violin, cello, piano , ... , with some vintage organs, synths and tapes to produce a "cinematic space pop jazz". . He has also met Samy Birnbach (Minimal Compact) aka Dj Morpheus who has wrote and sung one of the most beautiful and melancholic songs of the Lp: "The Absence".

Acoustic Camera - Anorak Supersport 2007

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Karl OFF
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